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Study Education In Australia

Ready to explore a rewarding career opportunity where you can inspire the future generation and make a difference, enriching the lives of primary and secondary school students? 

Explore the benefits of studying and becoming a teacher in Australia and a possible pathway to permanent residency.

Working as a teacher is rewarding; be able to instil a love of learning in others, as well as teaching something you’re passionate about. If you plan to study Education in Australia, you can tailor your study plans to the career specialisation of your choice, whether this is Primary, Secondary, Early Childhood Education or as a Special Needs teacher.

Inspire the leaders of tomorrow

Shape and inspire the young minds of tomorrow. Learn from the younger generation, understand what motivates and frustrates them, with the opportunity to inspire how they learn and influence their lives.

In teaching, no one day is the same as another. Teachers must have a strong command over the room, engaging the attention of 30 students at a time. Whilst some days can be challenging and tiring, the positives of been able to help others and further refine your craft clearly outweigh this.

Lifelong learning

Teachers, especially Secondary teachers, enjoy teaching a subject they’re passionate about and sharing this expertise with others. Teachers can embrace life-long learning as the craft of teaching is never fully mastered. There is always more to learn in terms of new material, understanding and implementing different teaching techniques and learning more about students’ learning styles.

Instil a love of learning in others

Teachers experience a strong sense of purpose, seeing students grow personally and professionally, as a result of their input. Teaching also provides the opportunity to learn about yourself more deeply as a person and educator, as you teach others.

Career progression, earn a decent starting salary

Teachers can progress their career and enjoy a strong starting salary. Schools will give teachers the opportunity to take on extra responsibilities throughout the year. Extra responsibilities will give you the experience to progress your career, growing new skills and qualities as well as earning the respect and trust from teaching staff.

A positive work life balance

Teachers experience a good work life balance, with decent work hours and regular holidays, ensuring a quality of work and personal life. Teachers normally have approximately 2 to 3 months of holiday a year.

If you’re raising children, working in a teaching role can help complement your kids schedule etc.

Step 1- Complete the required bachelor’s degree with an accredited university.

To be a primary school teacher in Australia, you will study the Bachelor of Education (Primary) for three years. To be a Secondary school teacher, at least one of the years of study will be based on secondary based teaching.

Learn more about Education Courses Available in Australia

Step 2 - Apply for registration

Upon completion of your degree, you will need to apply for registration in your state and territory. Prior to this, you will need to complete a working with children check and a police check.

Step 4 – Apply for a job

If you’re hoping to secure permanent residency in Australia, it’s highly recommended to explore studying and working in a regional area given the recent announcement of new visas. Normally, there are more teaching opportunities in rural areas as well.

A good advice for finding employment is to introduce yourself to schools in person. Schools will sometime remember you when it comes time to needing a substitute teacher. It can be a way of opening a door and once proving that you’re a good teacher, it could lead to more regular work.

An average primary school teacher earns $60,835 a year, but it does normally vary based on experience and location.

Which teaching professions are in demand in Australia?

Skilled occupation lists out the occupations that are in demand in Australia. Early Childhood, Secondary Teacher as well as Special Needs and Teacher of the Hearing Impaired are occupations on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. Studying to work in these professions is a way you could explore a pathway to permanent residency.

Primary and Middle School Teacher as well as Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages are occupations on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List. You could explore a possible state nominated pathway to permanent residency by studying to work in these professions.

Teacher of vocational trade is an occupation on the Regional Occupation List, (ROL). The ROL contains a list of occupations available for sponsorship on the Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS Visa).

If you’re interested in studying in Australia, and need some assistance, don’t hesitate to submit your details or call IDP on 1800 664 700.

We can help you find the ideal course and optimal university, and best of all, our services are free of charge. Speak to us Today!

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