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IDP Live FastLane

Get an answer from your dream university before you even apply

Wish you could find out if your study abroad dream is coming true, before it comes true? It’s easy. With IDP Live FastLane, you can get an express response from your dream course or university in minutes.  

All you need to do is to download the IDP Live app, enter your preferences to find matching courses and institution recommendations, submit your details and there you go – you’re on the VIP track to receiving an in-principle offer within minutes!   

Why FastLane 

It’s personalised 

You can search, match, and receive an in-principle offer right from your smartphone - anywhere, anytime. You’ll be verified in the app and can view progress updates in real time, so you won't miss out on opportunities. 

Gives you peace of mind 

Know if you are likely to be eligible ahead of applying to save you time and help you refine your application selections. 

FastLane in five simple steps 

Step 1: Download the IDP Live app 

Step 2: Enter your preferences and get recommendations 

Step 3: Short list your dream courses 

Step 4: Submit your academic and language proficiency details 

Step 5: Get an offer in principle 

Ready to begin your journey? Let’s get started. 

IDP Live available now in Apple and Android stores.



Does IDP provide assistance with writing an SOP?
by ranjan
We can't directly help but we can give you suggestions how to modify your SOP.
How can I enquire on the status of my university application?
by priyanshi
You can get in touch with your IDP counselor or you can write back to the acknowledgment email that you had received from the university.
What's the average tuition fee for studying in Dublin?
by Ashish
Average tuition fees range between €18000–€24000 EUR depending on the course type and duration.

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