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Why take IELTS with IDP?

IDP is a proud co-owner of the IELTS test and delivers the test through our network of custom built test centres.

Here are six reasons why you should take your IELTS test with IDP :

1. Find a test location that work for you

We offer the test at more than 140 convenient and well-appointed locations across the world. Find a test location that suits your needs.

2. Take IELTS on a computer

Many IDP IELTS test centres now offer computer-delivered IELTS. With fast results and a face-to-face Speaking test, computer-delivered IELTS is a great option for those who wish to take their IELTS test using a computer. Check with your local IDP office to see if computer-delivered IELTS is available in your city.

3. You'll hear the difference

We offer infrared headphones for the Listening test at some of our IDP IELTS centres. They offer high quality audio and the flexibility to adjust the volume and strap at your own convenience. Check with your local IDP office to see if they’re available.

4. You'll be better prepared

IDP offers a comprehensive range of low cost and free IELTS preparation materials to support you as you study for the test. You can register online for an IELTS Masterclass in your city and download your free IELTS Support Tools.

5. You can choose how you receive your results

We give you the option to receive your test results via SMS or through our secure online portal. Your IDP counsellor can help with any IELTS questions that you have and help you to book your test.

6. We’re always here to help

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to ensure our candidates have the best possible experience when taking their IELTS test with us. Our team of IELTS experts are ready to help with any questions that you have.

Click here to book your IELTS test online

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what kind job opportunity is aviable for Engineer
by stella
Depends upon the specialization you are taking up
Is portfolio mandatory for Art & Design courses applying to Universities?
by Karan
Yes, most of the design courses would require a portfolio. This could be 20 -25 pieces of work showing how creative you are and what is your understanding of design related to the masters that you have chosen to study. The portfolio can be submitted as a pdf, weblink or a CD.
What are the job opportunities after studying MBA in International Business ?
by Aparna
Hi, there are ample opportunities as you are open to many fields of Marketing & sales, Business analysing, Information Security, supply chain mgmt, Govt affairs or own business

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