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Graduate Diploma in Ireland

Shorter courses, great pathway to a master’s degree

Graduate diploma and postgraduate diploma are the two terms that most countries often use interchangeably. While there are no major differences in these terms, the level, course duration, structure and specialisations offered may differ from country to country. In simple words, graduate diplomas are the qualification taken after completion of the first degree. It serves as a pathway to a master’s degree and also helps students gain specialisations to become job ready. 

Why pursue a graduate diploma in Ireland

A graduate diploma in Ireland is awarded at the same level as a bachelor's honours degree and a variety of courses are offered under the same. To name a few, courses such as Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting, Higher Diploma in Business Management, Higher Diploma in Business, Higher Diploma in Digital Marketing, Higher Diploma in International Business and Postgraduate Diploma in Christian Theology are most popular among international students. 

It is a great option for students who have less years of education than required for pursuing masters after a bachelor’s degree. It is a popular pathway to a master's degree at most Irish institutions.

Types of graduate diplomas in Ireland

Re-orientation type qualification

Professional type qualification

This is to upskill a graduate by providing additional specialised knowledge.

This is to make a graduate eligible in order to enter a profession.

For example, a Higher Diploma in Statistics (HDipStats) is designed to offer additional skills in statistics.

For example, a Higher Diploma in Education (HDipEd) makes a graduate eligible to register for and practice teaching.

Eligibility criteria

Graduate diplomas usually span one year of full-time study and are enrolled in after you complete your bachelor’s. It will approximately cost you €12,000 for a postgraduate diploma.

While each institution has its own set of requirements, the most common include:

  • 2:1 or 2:2 in a bachelor’s degree with an approved equivalent qualification 

  • In case, you don’t meet the entry requirements for the programme but qualify for admission with certain other equivalent criteria, you can reach out to the institution’s admissions office to consider your application

Note: Priority is given to applicants with a higher classification of the award.

Despite having a shorter duration than a master’s degree, these graduate diplomas hold the same academic level. The main difference between a postgraduate diploma and a master’s degree is that you don’t have to submit a dissertation for a postgraduate diploma. Your performance will be assessed on assignments, exams, and coursework. 

Updated on May 27, 2021

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