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How to apply for the Chevening Scholarship

Your guide to an impactful application for the Chevening scholarship

The UK is one of the most sought-after study destinations for international students. In addition to the legacy of its globally recognised institutions, the country also offers quality lifestyle and a culturally diverse environment. Studying abroad, however, can get overwhelmingly expensive. This is why the UK offers certain prestigious scholarships to international students. One of the most coveted of these is the Chevening scholarship. This revered, fully funded scholarship program is currently open for applications. 

The application for Chevening Scholarships opens on 2nd August 2022 

For students who have their hearts set on the UK as a study destination, this is a crucial and much awaited time. Given the popularity of this scholarship, it is important to apply early and be very thorough with your application. 

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Table of Content

  1. How to submit the Chevening Scholarship online application 

  2. How this agreement helps international students 

  3. Study abroad with IDP

How to submit your Chevening Scholarship online application 

Every year, students tend to make common silly mistakes while filling up their form. Hence, the Reading Committee at Chevening recommends the following best practices to increase your chances at acceptance:

  • Always use Google Chrome as your web browser while filling up the form for a smooth, lag-free experience

  • Fill up the form on a full-sized window on your laptop. Doing this on a tablet or mobile phone can compromise the readability and hence affect your performance

  • Fill up the form in English as it is the only language accepted by the selection committee

  • Avoid using ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons on the browser as they can make you lose your unsaved work

  • Save your username and password at a safe and convenient place. It comes in handy if you complete the form in multiple sessions

  • Stick to one email address throughout the application. If you are forced to change it midway, make sure you update the information on time
  • To save time, you may prepare your answers offline in advance. But remember to avoid any duplication of content while copying and pasting

  • Stick to the following word limit and attachment sizes:
           a. 100-500 words per answer
           b. 5MB image
           c. Up to 50 characters for file names

General tips about language, content, and tone 

It is always a good idea to understand what the decision-makers want. Here are some time-tested suggestions to make a good impression on the Reading Committee at Chevening:

When writing about yourself, remember to

  • Write about personal achievements in first person

  • Use clear, well-structured, grammatically sound sentences 

  • Share relevant anecdotes from your experience (preferably at workplace than at school) to substantiate your claim of being skilled in certain areas

  • Use paragraphs instead of pointers to describe future goals

  • Showcase the connection between your target course and your future goals

When showcasing your leadership and relationship building skills

  • Highlight your individual achievements in a team/individual assignment in the past

  • Share two-three powerful stories about your calibre rather than many average ones

  • Steer clear of cliched quotes about leadership

  • Share positive stories about your workplace networking skills and highlight you could be the right addition to Chevening alumni network

When talking about choice of study destination

  • Be clear about your motivation behind choosing your courses and highlight how studying it would help you with:

          a. Achieving your individual goals
          b. Contribute to the development of your home country
          c. Add value to the Chevening network
  • Talk in detail and with examples about your immediate as well as long-term career goals

  • Make your plans sound realistic  

Following these practices can help you make your application a lot more impactful than your peers. To know more details about the eligibility criteria and the chronology followed by the Chevening Scholarship committee, refer to this article.

Once again, the application for Chevening Scholarships opens on 2 August 2022. There is precious little time left for you to prepare your application so try to be quick. It is always advisable to apply early to beat your competition and increase your chances at acceptance. If you still have any queries, IDP’s international education specialists are just a call away and will be happy to guide you. 


Updated on July 26, 2022

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