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Sandwich programs in the UK

Earn work experience while you study with sandwich programs 

A ‘sandwich course’ is a program where you will have at least one session (ranging from 9-12 months) to work in a particular industry (if you have opted for a vocational study program or study abroad placements for any other course) in between your academic sessions. These placements are known as a filling of the sandwich. 

The sandwich program in the UK allows you to stay back in the country for an additional year besides a great exposure of your chosen industry. The concept, however, is limited programs taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels:

  1. The undergraduate sandwich program in most of the UK universities is a 3-year degree which may be divided into – study for 2 years and work on project/internship/study abroad placement in the 3rd year (i.e. before joining the final year). This internship should be undertaken for a minimum of 9 months’ duration. 

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  2. The postgraduate taught programs also offer an opportunity to get an additional industrial placement year, which is known as 1+1 / PGT sandwich programs. 

Thick Sandwich

Thin Sandwich

Course structure

Most of the modern courses follow a similar structure
1st and 2nd Year: University academic year
3rd Year: Sandwich/internship year
4th Year: University academic year continues

This sandwich program includes an interval of two shorter periods in your placement, which alternates with periods in the university.

Placement options

You can spend your internship/study abroad year in various ways

  • You can teach in a school
  • You can study abroad at any partner university (other than the UK)
  • You can work in an industrial placement

The courses are more experience-based wherein universities offer internships with organisations either in the UK or anywhere around the globe

Sectoral opportunity

Wide variety of opportunities are available from Forensics to Politics including Engineering, Sociology, Business, Language-specific, History and Geography

These sandwich courses are primarily offered in – Business, Finance, Sport Studies, Psychology and Engineering

Eligibility for a sandwich course in the UK

The eligibility criteria for these programs is almost the same as any other undergraduate or postgraduate program in the UK. 

Advantages of pursuing a sandwich course in the UK

There are numerous ways in which a sandwich program can be used to add extra weight to your CV. 

  • Hands-on experience: It is a great way to gain insights into an industry of choice with practical knowledge 
  • Financial incentives: The stipend paid during the internship can help ease your living abroad expenses
  • Personality development: You will acquire new skills required to adjust in a corporate culture 
  • Employment opportunities: It exposes you to multiple gateways of employment as you make contacts and explore varied avenues of an industry 
  • Pre-placements: In most cases, if you are a good worker, you can land a pre-placement offer from the internship organisation after graduation to work as a full-time employee 
  • Competitive edge: This goes without saying, you’ll be better equipped than your peers with insights into your favoured industry  

If you are opting for a sandwich course, then it’s important to know:

  • The extent to which the university is engaged with the student in seeking an adequate placement
  • The placement options enlisted and scope available when opted for
  • The support rendered by the university while you are in the placement period 

Sandwich courses equip you with theoretical and practical skills that are accepted globally. Owing to the hands-on training you earn during the course, it will provide you with an advantage of being career-ready immediately.

Note: Given the current COVID-19 situation, there might be some changes in the 2020/21 intakes. Don’t worry, our international education experts are here to guide you with the latest updates to help you apply to your desired course and institution. Feel free to connect with our experts for a free counselling session and keep posted about the latest COVID- 19 updates. 

Updated on October 15, 2020

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