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Documents required for a study abroad application

Here’s a list of documents you’ll need when applying to study abroad

Your study abroad application is the most important step of your journey and so it is crucial to plan it ahead. It is important to start working months in advance to secure admission in your desired institution or course. 

timeline for 2020-21 intakes

Major documents that you’ll need in order to apply to universities abroad will include:

1. Application Form

This is the most important document that includes all your personal and professional details. An application form is to be filled carefully with correct information. Always double check before submitting. 

2. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The most important component of your application, this essay will mostly talk about your background, reason to pursue your program in the stated university and your career goals. Invest a lot of time in writing your essay as this is what will help your application stand out in the crowd of thousands of candidates.

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3. Academic transcripts 

This is basically your academic record, similar to a consolidated mark sheet like we have in India (easily available from your respective university), which will include all courses you’ve taken with your grades, credits and degree received.

4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

A LOR is an academic letter of recommendation from any of your professors or managers that talks about skills, achievements, experience and contribution to your college or professional organisation. This letter enables the admission council to get an insight in your life and accordingly decide your admission.

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5. Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

A CV or a resume will give a comprehensive insight into your academic and professional timeline. Ensure to mention about all your degrees, certificates, internships, and relevant work experience, but don’t go overboard. It is a good idea to run the draft by your IDP counsellor. 

6. Test Scores

As mentioned earlier, your scores will affect your chances to get into your preferred university or college. Therefore, it is mandatory to send your test scores with your application.

Most countries and institutions demand your English language proficiency tests scores like the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to ensure you can read, speak and write in English besides being able to converse. You are required to submit your scores with the application. 

Based on your choice of country and institution, you might also be required to take more general standardised tests such as SAT or GRE. 

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7. Essays

Some universities may ask you to submit a study abroad essay to make sure that you are serious about your study abroad plans. This essay can be a great chance to make an impeccable first impression and exhibit to the university administration that you are ready and determined to pursue the said course in their organisation. 

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Lastly, it’s essential to have a passport with validity for at least six months after your planned return date. In case, you don’t have a passport, or it's about to expire, then apply for one or renew it as soon as possible.  

Ensure that you apply to your chosen universities or colleges before the deadline. To take the hassle out of the tedious application procedure, our experienced international education specialists will guide you through the entire journey. 

Updated on July 27, 2021

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What's the first step to apply for universities in the UK?
by Ikku
First, you need to shortlist universities. Then, you will need to arrange your educational documents along with an SOP, LORS etc.
Is it mandatory to have student health insurance?
by kannan
Yes, it is mandatory to have overseas student health cover for the entire duration of your program in Australia.
How many years of PSW does Canberra offer?
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Canberra is now giving opportunity to get 3 years of Post-study work if you meet the course and visa requirements.

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