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Study abroad guide for parents

That’s a great decision, and of course, very important. We understand that studying abroad is a critical decision for your child as it is a step towards a better future and life for them. Studying internationally will provide them with world-class education, a global perspective, great employment opportunities and widen up their horizons in all avenues of life. As a parent, it’s important to be a part of their new journey, and provide your child with all the support they need. 

Parent guide

Sending your child abroad is a tough decision to make, both mentally and financially. Our detailed guide will help you understand how to support your child’s dream whilst maintaining things back home.

8 simple ways to keep connected with your child abroad

We understand that once your child convinces you to let them study abroad, it’s an exciting time for them, but stressful for you as a parent. Don’t worry, irrespective of the distance, you can stay connected with your child with these support services.

Questions that parents of international students must ask

Most of the times, parents are often clueless where to begin and what questions to ask to take the right decision. Top 12 questions you must ask to make a sound and well-informed decision before you send your child abroad to study.

Why your child needs an international degree

There are plenty of opportunities for your child if they have an international degree to their name. Read up on some of the most common reasons why many parents encourage their child to study abroad.

Things to consider before sending your child to study abroad

Planning a child's post-secondary education can be a stressful process considering the various challenges that may come in the way. However, studying abroad is a journey of a lifetime and can be a great one if you plan it well. Here are some things that should be on top of your mind as a parent when you make this decision.

How to manage funds for your child’s study abroad dreams

When aiming to get that international degree for your child with world-class education, you’ll have to keep the expenses in mind too. A systematic investment plan that doesn’t let you compromise on your child’s study abroad dream is what you need. Read up to know how you can make that happen.


Do Australian student visas often get rejected?
by amrendra
Generally at IDP we have a high visa success rate.
What is eligibility to study a Masters in the UK?
by Ajay
For masters the minimum eligibility is 2:2 in Bachelors degree but varies depending on university and degree.

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