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Study in USA

Here’s a comprehensive guide for all Indian students who want to study in the USA

Home to diverse ethnicities, highest number of top ranked universities, and picturesque landscapes, the USA is truly a land of opportunities. Choosing to study in the USA offers you the wonderful avenue of growing academically, culturally and socially.

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Know all about the intakes available in the USA



Fall Term

From August to December

Spring Term

From January to April

Summer Term

From May to August

*Intakes vary basis institution and your program. Please speak with your IDP counsellor for more information.

Student visa requirements for the US

The US Government offers three different student visa types:


Types of student visa



F-1 Student Visa

to study at an accredited US college or university or to study English at an English language institute


J Exchange Visa

for participation in an exchange program, including high school and university study


M Student Visa

for non-academic or vocational study or training in the US

*For detailed information, please visit the US Government’s Department of State website.

How much will it cost to study in the US?


Tuition fees in USD (indicative)

English language studies

$700 to $2,000 a month

Community colleges

$6,000 to $20,000 per year

bachelor degree

$20,000 to $40,000 per year

Graduate programs

$20,000 to $45,000 per year

Doctoral degree

$28,000 to $55,000 per year

 Top Courses to Study in the US

Business Administration



Computer Science


 Health and Medicine


Biological and life Sciences

 Environmental Science

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Scholarships to study in the US

Apply to a range of scholarships and grants available for Indian students.

Student visa requirements in the US

The US Government provides an opportunity to all Indian students to study in the country but as a prerequisite, you’ll have to obtain a student visa. Know all about it!

Upcoming intakes in the US

American institutions offer three major intakes – Fall, Spring and Summer. Know more!

Cost of studying in the US

Most people consider studying in the US pricey, however, effective budgeting can help you better manage your expenses. Keep in mind - it’s not just the tuition fee alone you should be calculating to get your estimations, there’re a lot more expenses involved when you plan to study abroad. Look at our guide of estimates that covers additional expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage and travel too!

Education system in the US

Seven out of the top 10 universities as per the Times Higher Education Rankings are from the US, which explains American education is like no other. Know all about it.

Why study in the US?

With 33 of the top 100 universities as per the QS World Ranking 2019, vibrant campus life, interactive teaching pedagogy, and abundant work opportunities, USA is the most preferred choice amongst Indian students. Find out more!

Student Essentials

We have a range of special services for students applying to United States!
Top courses to study in the US
Here are the top three fields of study most popular with international students.
Top undergraduate courses in the US
Find out what makes the US a perfect undergraduate study destination!
Diploma courses after graduation in the USA
A diploma course is a short-term study course usually extending to one to two years.Know more !
Employment Prospects in the US
Know why Indian students love studying in the US!
FAQ's about the US
Here are some answers to help you know the US better
Health and support in the US
Here’s how dedicated support services can help you adjust to life in the US.
Student Reviews
More than 9 in 10 students recommend IDP to their friends and family. Here's what they have to say!

 Popular courses


Is a masters in data analytics available in Australia?
by sapna
Yes it is available. We recommend getting in touch with IDP for university options.
What are the top universities in Australia for studying engineering?
by Rutu
Top options for engineering include RMIT University, Monash University, UNSW, UQ, Uni Adelaide, UTS, QUT and ANU.

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