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Post-graduation in the US

Here’s all you need to know about pursuing post-graduation in the US

The US has become a hub of international students for its globally recognised universities. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, 5 of the top 10 universities in the world are from the US. The country not only has renowned institutions but ample job opportunities in MNCs. In this article, read how a post-graduation degree from the US can add more value to your resume. 

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Why pursue post-graduation in the US?

US universities are not just popular for their regular programs, but also for their vocational courses. This is why many international students prefer the US over other study destinations for pursuing higher education. The main focus of the institutions remains on developing skills required to face day-to-day challenges in the corporate sector. Here are the other reasons that you can consider while choosing the US for post-graduation: 

  1. Global academic opportunities: Postgraduate degrees from a US university are not only recognised by employers and educational institutions across the globe but they are also known for the excellent quality of teaching, the research opportunities, the transferable knowledge, and an international outlook.

  2. World-class ranking: 16 US universities are ranked in the QS World University Ranking 2023, in the top 50. 

  3. Well-structured curriculum: Graduate and professional schools in the US emphasise employability and help students develop the required skills specific to their field. The institutions also have research programs that you can pursue after finishing your post-graduation. 

  4. Enriching environment: US universities have active vibrant campus life and various extra-curricular activities that help you enjoy your student life fully.

  5. International perspective: You will get a chance to experience different cultures as there are students from around the world. Interacting with them will help you develop confidence and nurture your social skills. 

  6. Industrial experience: There are multiple workshops, events, one-to-one sessions, and tutorials for post-graduate students that will help in understanding the current work scenarios and also building networks with the market leaders.

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Types of postgraduate programs in the US

Generally, a postgraduate degree or certification requires completion of a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite to beginning the program. In the US, there are three main segments of postgraduate degrees:

  1. Professional Masters: These are also called terminal programs that will prepare you to work immediately. You will not have to study further to gain mastery in the subject. 

  2. Academic Masters: It’s the opposite of professional programs. These prepare students for further education like a Doctoral degree. It usually takes one and three years to complete.

  3. Doctoral degrees: This is the most advanced degree. It takes anywhere between four and eight years to complete both i.e., the coursework and the dissertation.

Popular post-graduation courses in the US 

The US is not only popular for its world-renowned universities but also for the variety of courses that these institutions offer. Here are the most popular courses for international students in the US: 

Agriculture and related subjects

Sales, Marketing and Retailing

Architecture, Building and Planning



Social Sciences


Education and Teaching


Therapeutic Personal Care

General Management and Business

Hotel Management and Hospitality


IT and Computer Science

International Culture, Literature and Foreign Languages



Mass Communication and Media

Medicine and Life Sciences

Music, Dance and Theatre

Eligibility for post-graduate programs in the US

Each American university has its admission system enlisted on its website to help students apply and enrol in their degree programmes. However, here are the basic requirements that remain the same across all: 

  • Minimum 16 years of formal education which includes four years of bachelor’s degree from a recognised university. However, admission is granted based on the GPA score. Although some institutions might also accept a three-year diploma or 2.2 UK graded bachelor’s degree as long you complete a pre-master’s program first

  • Some institutions also accept students with a 15-year formal education background who’ve graduated from an NCAA Division One Institution with a minimum of 3.0 GPA, without having to study a pre-master course first

  • For any vocational course, you might be asked to submit evidence of work experience relevant to the subject

  • Official transcript from your undergraduate college or university in case of MBA 

  • Qualify for standardised exams like GMAT, GRE and any of the English-language proficiency tests like IELTS with a minimum overall band of 7

Cost of studying 

The tuition fees for postgraduate programs depend on the type of institution and course, but the usual range is between $6,000 - $45,000. Although, private universities are usually more expensive than public universities, and professional courses like MBA in USA can be a big-budget program as compared to academic study programs.

The post-graduate degree program in the US will offer you various options and avenues. Therefore, you need to list down and evaluate each option with its merits and demerits. Since choosing the correct option requires diligent research, we recommend you schedule a free counselling session with our qualified international education specialists who can guide you in the right direction. They can help you choose the right course and institution to pursue higher education in the US.

Updated on July 5, 2022

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