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COVID-19 update: This institution offers programs that will start online and continue on campus later.

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Langara College



Langara College helps students find their path by delivering a range of educational and career programs to over 23,000 students every year. Situated in Vancouver, one of the most liveable cities in the world, students benefit from the events and attractions of a major city with the stunning natural landscapes of the mountains and the west coast.

The college offers over 1,700 courses in more than 130 programs. This includes more than 70 career programs giving students the practical skills to work and learn in preparation for a new career. The breadth of academic offerings allows students and graduates to follow their own educational path and achieve their academic and personal goals.

As a public post-secondary Designated Learning Institution (DLI), students are eligible to take advantage of off-campus and post-graduation work opportunities through the Government of Canada Post Graduation Work Permit program (PGWP).

The college is one of Canada's premier institutions for university transfer allowing students to start at Langara and finish a bachelor's degree at another world-class Canadian university. It provides education at affordable tuition fees, which are lower when compared to universities. Students benefit from small class sizes taught by award-winning instructors.

The Langara English for Academic Preparation (LEAP) program is one of the best ESL programs in Canada to learn and upgrade English language skills before starting academic programs where the language of instruction is English.

International students can also apply to live with a Canadian family through the homestay accommodation program.

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What's new

What's new

Over the past 18 months, Langara College has been celebrating 49 years of quality teaching as an independent public college. This special celebration, Beyond 49, looked to the college's future and integrated events for alumni community engagement and fundraising to highlight some of the fantastic achievements and significant personages which have marked the college's history. The fundraising drive recently closed, having collected a staggering CAD 2.9 million which will go to fund student scholarships, new equipment and facilities, and other student-focused initiatives.

Langara College is deeply committed to being part of a sustainable society because the world's resources are finite, and decision can positively impact the world and future generations. Part of the college's vision is to upgrade existing infrastructure with an eye to architectural excellence and innovative sustainable design.

All new buildings on campus are built to LEED® Gold certification standards and boast special green features with the goals of improving energy efficiency and reducing the impact of its campus on the environment, while enhancing the health and well-being of the Langara community. Buildings on campus that have achieved LEED® certification include the Langara Students' Union, the library and classroom building, C building, and the science and technology building.

The college has also been privileged to recently receive an award of funding from Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. This award will be used to enable innovative studies around education and employment outcomes for international higher education students and looks to identify new policies and practices to boost their chances of success. The study is in collaboration with a wide range of partner organizations and is enabled through a CAD 360,000 innovation fund.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

With four decades of collective learning, collaboration and innovation, Langara's programs and educational services continue to grow at an astounding pace to meet the changing needs of students and communities in the modern world. The college is renowned as a premier institution for undergraduate learning, with a strong reputation for uniquely beneficial learning opportunities.

The college has a bright future ahead of it as an increasingly prestigious institution, as it seeks to build on its continued success. Due to the college's focus on maintaining a diverse body of professional and academic staff, students are certain to benefit from a wealth of expertise, while small class sizes and challenging course content allow students to enjoy close attention from the faculty and rapid educational development.

The Learning Commons is available to help enhance student learning. Many departments offer free tutoring and academic help. This includes help with accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, physics, and more. Librarians are available in person and online to help students find the information they need for their assignments and more. There are also quiet study spaces, computers and printers, and a coffee outlet in the library building.

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Department structure

Department structure

Langara College offers a wide variety of program types and courses, that meet the needs of a global student body.

University transfer studies allow students who begin their studies at Langara to subsequently transfer earned credits and continue their studies at leading universities in British Columbia and across Canada.

Post-baccalaureate studies include post-degree diploma and certificate programs which are perfect for students who have already secured a bachelor's degree and wish to further supplement their education with professional Canadian education qualifications.

Career studies and limited enrolment programs offer a range of practical training courses that provide students the necessary education to make the jump into the modern job market, or further training.

Bachelor degree programs in Business Administration, Bioinformatics, and other areas allow students to complete a four-year degree at Langara.

Langara English for Academic Preparation (LEAP), is a highly popular program among international students who are looking to acquire robust English language skills to prepare for academic programs at Langara College or other Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Continuing studies programs and pathways contain a wide range of technical, professional or academic courses to support learners at any age.

Work integrated learning programs like co-operative education and experiential work experience combine academic studies with work experience to develop necessary skills to be successful in a future career.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Requirements for entry may differ according to the program to which a student applies, so all applicants should visit the dedicated web page for their chosen program prior to beginning the application process.

International students are welcome at Langara in all university studies and open enrolment programs, as well as most career and limited enrolment programs.

In addition to the general academic requirements for a program, different departments or programs will subscribe to a tier of English Language minimum requirements. Applicants should check that they meet the outlined minimum requirement prior to application.

All students who are applying to Langara College will need to provide the below documents in addition to their specific program application in order to be considered. These include:

  • A completed application form for Langara College which includes an intended start date.
  • Official transcripts or other academic records which demonstrate all the subjects completed by the student and the grades received across the last three years of secondary school studies.
  • If secondary school transcripts are not available, official post-secondary transcripts may be submitted in their place. The transcript must demonstrate successful completion of a minimum of one full academic year or 24 university-level credits from a recognized institution.
  • If the original documents outlined above are not in English then a certified English translation must accompany them.
  • Documentary evidence of English language proficiency from a recognised testing authority or school.
  • A valid study permit will need to be provided to the International Education Department on arrival at the college.

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Student support

Student support

Langara College is an outstanding choice for international students looking to experience everything Canada has to offer in a warm, welcoming, safe, and supportive environment.

At the core of the college's approach to supporting international students is the International Education Department, which leads activities and services aimed at assisting students in integrated and adjusting to life at Langara. International Student Coordinators are an important point of contact for new student orientation programs and registration support during the first semester.

All international students benefit from a series of workshops and cultural events to build community and support transition to living and learning in Canada. Immigration consultants and advisors can answer questions on study permits and student work permits.

The i-Guide Mentorship program is a highly successful initiative that pairs new international students with current students during their first semester at Langara. These experienced and friendly students are fantastic sources of guidance, support and friendship and allow new arrivals to quickly immerse themselves in campus life.

International students are encouraged to get involved in the college community. Students may volunteer through the International Education Volunteer Program (IEVP) or through the college's general volunteer program, VOLT. There are many student-run cultural and special interest clubs on campus. If students can't find a club that interest them, the student services team can help them get one started.

The counselling department offers confidential career, educational, and personal guidance, as well as free student success workshops and course planning sessions. Dedicated international student counsellors support Langara's international student community.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

Studying at Langara College is an excellent way to start on a path towards a successful career. Whether a students' ambitions are academic or professional, they will find that their future prospects, both during and after their time at Langara, are excellent.

Being a full-time student in a post-secondary program requires a significant time commitment inside and outside the classroom. For many students, there are a variety of opportunities, through the Government of Canada Post-Graduation Work Permit and off-campus work programs, to take on paid or voluntary work throughout and following their studies. It is a fantastic way to blend real-world and professional experiences with high quality academic study programs. For international students, there are some limitations to the location of their work, and the frequency of working hours they can take on during their studies.

When a student completes their time at Langara they join a global community of more than 100,000 Langarans. The alumni program keeps former students connected with networking opportunities to come together and share skills and experiences. Members of the alumni community receive benefits like library and career service access, networking events, discounts, and more.

The college's location in Vancouver means that students will have access to one of the most exciting urban economies in North America and will be able to form valuable life-long networking connections. A post-graduation work permit can be valid for up to three years and is related to the length of a student's study program.

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International students

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Vancouver British Columbia 100 West 49th Avenue
Langara College is a public post-secondary college recognized as one of Canada?s top university transfer institutions. It started in 1965 as part of Vancouver Community College and in 1994 was established as an independent public college under the Provincial College and Institute Act.

With more than 1,700 courses and 130 programs, Langara?s expansive academic breadth and depth allows students of all ages, backgrounds, and life stages to choose their own educational path. Langara College offers international students many programs and courses to meet their academic goals. Different programs at Langara include ESL programs, university transfer studies, career studies, post-degree programs, and continuing studies. The college offers a number credentials including degrees, diplomas, certificates and citations.

The main campus is centrally located in a park-like area of Vancouver, Canada, a city that is recognized as one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world. Convenient public transit and bike lanes help connect students to the international airport (YVR), Vancouver?s downtown core, and nearby cities including Richmond, Burnaby, and Surrey.
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Langara College Langara College
Rated1/5based on1 student reviews
Customer reviews:
Langara College - by, 2020-01-29
1.0/ 5 stars

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