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آپدیت بیماری کرونا: این دانشگاه با دوره های آنلاین شروع دروس خود را آغاز کرده و در ادامه دوره ها حضوری خواهد بود.

برای اطلاعات بیشتر این لینک را مشاهده کنید. What’s New

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Over 8,000 international students choose the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) every year. Located in Ottawa, Canada’s capital and political epicentre, uOttawa is surrounded by many international resources, including dozens of NGOs, embassies and consulates. Our international students enjoy lower tuition fees and a superior quality of education while living in one of the ten best countries in the world (United Nations).

uOttawa sits in the top 1% of universities in the world and is one of the top ten research-intensive institutions in Canada. It’s the world’s largest English-French bilingual university, where students can study in English, French or both.

Home to over 550 undergraduate, master’s and PhD programs, uOttawa degrees are recognized globally. Programs are reviewed regularly, maintaining the highest standard of education.

More than 42,000 students from 155 different countries study at the University of Ottawa annually. International students can study intensive English or French language courses to prepare for degree-level study.

The university offers a network of free services and programs to help you succeed. Before classes start, international mentors and the International Office will help prepare you for the transition to university and Canada. There are also plenty of free services to support students throughout their studies, including an Academic Writing Help Centre and Career Development Centre.

The University of Ottawa offers study abroad placements for international students with more than 280 partner universities in 50 countries. Guaranteed mobility scholarships are even available to support eligible students going on international exchange.

Canada is an ideal location for international students, offering a reasonable cost of living and cultural diversity. Plus, consumer prices in Ottawa are 25% lower than in Toronto. The country consists of stunning natural scenery and countless opportunities for outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, and canoeing.

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What's new

What's new

uOttawa Climbing in the World University Rankings 2020

In the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Ottawa climbed to 141st place. This is up from 176th in 2019. The university remains the seventh best university in Canada for research intensity for the third consecutive year.

uOttawa will continue to expand its excellence in research, partnerships and talents in the coming years. It has opened five new state-of-the-art facilities in the last five years to support this objective and has over 1,100 teaching and research labs.

The recently launched Learning Crossroads, a dedicated space to study between classes, offers video walls with 8K screens, virtual reality equipment, group study rooms, multimedia rooms and equipment to borrow.

The university prioritizes peer-to-peer support teams: in addition to the faculty-student mentors who can help with academic questions, it has a dedicated team of 14 international mentors to help students with their integration in Canada.

Coming in fall 2020, the Integrated Food Science program, created in collaboration of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school joins experts from two world-renowned institutions to deliver one unique programme that is timely and fills a knowledge gap in the industry. "Graduates will have the skills and experience to be leaders in any industry where food plays a role”, notes Stéphane Frelon, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Chef Instructor. This program will give graduates new skills for the job market in order to succeed.

At the graduate level, it launched a series of short duration course-based masters to maximize job prospects and to further specialize the knowledge and skills of students.

To support our international PhD students and to recognize their contribution to the research intensity of the university, lower tuition fees are available to all PhD students, through the International Doctoral Scholarship or the Differential Tuition Fee Exemption for Francophone students.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

The University of Ottawa is a stand-out institution for its teaching excellence. Many awards have been won by professors across faculties for the high-quality education that they teach. Professors are known to be friendly, supportive and willing to help outside of class hours. There are around 25 students for each staff member, and classes encourage collaboration and discussion.


As well as excellent teaching, uOttawa is well-known for its outstanding and creative research that covers a wide range of disciplines. It’s one of Canada’s top ten research-intensive universities and is home to many centres and institutes, including:

  • Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability
  • Human Rights Research and Education Centre
  • uOttawa Brain and Mind Research Institute
  • Éric Poulin Centre for Neuromuscular Disease

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Department structure

Department structure

International students have a choice of more than 550 undergraduate and graduate programs, where they can earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees, diplomas or other qualifications. The university consists of ten academic faculties.

Direct-entry faculties (a faculty that offers undergraduate programs that do not require prior university studies):

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Telfer School of Management
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

Professional faculties:

  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law – Civil Law Section
  • Faculty of Law – Common Law Section
  • Faculty of Medicine (graduate studies only)

There are also a range of language programs, including intensive English and French language programs, uoPAL and Academic English Accelerated. Academic English Accelerated is an integrated course where students develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills for academic purposes. It can be completed in eight weeks and prepares international students for undergraduate study at the university.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

You can study at the University of Ottawa in English, French or a combination of both languages. International students must meet the proficiency levels for one of these languages to be accepted.

Students applying for a program taught in English or in French and who have not completed at least three years of study in an institution where English or French is the language of instruction will have to submit language test scores. Students will need the following minimum scores or equivalent for admission to uOttawa:

  • IELTS overall score of 6.5 with 6.5 in writing
  • TOEFL iBT overall score of 86 with 22 in writing
  • TOEFL PBT score of 22 in writing and 20 in listening and reading

Those who don’t meet the language requirements may be able to enrol onto a second-language course or an intensive language program before being admitted to the university.

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From personal services to social activities, uOttawa offers many facilities to ensure that every student has an enjoyable overall experience. The idyllic downtown campus has modern facilities and more than 1,100 teaching and research labs. Not only this, but the local area offers international students an unforgettable Canadian experience. There are markets, sensational landmarks, galleries, UNESCO Rideau Canal and hiking trails all nearby.


New first-year students are guaranteed a place in campus housing if they meet the eligibility criteria. There are traditional residences, suites, studios and apartment-style residences available.


Students can enjoy a wide variety of dining options that are inspired from many different world cuisines. Meal plans are available on the uOttawa card website and are mandatory in some residences.


During the academic year, full-time students have unlimited access to public transit with their U-Pass.

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Student support

Student support

Student Academic Success Service

The Student Academic Success Service (SASS) is a free support network where students can receive the resources they need for success at uOttawa. Services include:

  • Orientation events
  • University 101 programs
  • Student mentors
  • Counselling
  • Personal development support
  • Career mentorship
  • Academic Writing Help Centre

International Office

Dedicated support tailored to international students is at the heart of the International Office. The team is committed to ensuring an inclusive and enriching experience for all international students at the university and making international students’ transition to Canada easy and stress-free. Services include:

  • Mandatory orientation, integration events and support
  • Airport meet-and-greet
  • Immigration and visa support
  • Mandatory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)
  • Buddy program
  • International Student Success Centre
  • 14 international mentors at the International Mentoring Centre

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University of Ottawa University of Ottawa
Rated3/5based on2 student reviews
Customer reviews:
University of Ottawa - by, 2020-01-29
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University of Ottawa University of Ottawa
Rated3/5based on2 student reviews
Customer reviews:
University of Ottawa - by, 2020-01-29
5.0/ 5 stars

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Ottawa Ontario 75 Laurier Avenue East
The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world. The University is nationally and internationally recognized for its exceptional research, growing international reputation, steadfast commitment to academic excellence and dedication to celebrating, strengthening and encouraging bilingualism, all of which creates an enriching and unique learning environment for students. It advances in social sciences, health, engineering, science and the humanities, making uOttawa a unique place to learn, grow and excel.

With more than 40,000 students, 5,000 employees and more than 210,000 alumni, the university offers more than 450 undergraduates, graduate and professional degree programs. Degrees obtained from the University of Ottawa are recognized worldwide and graduates enjoy successful and prosperous careers. All academic programs offered by the University are regularly reviewed to ensure the highest quality standards.

Located at the heart of Canada?s capital, the university have ready access to the great institutions of the country. Ottawa, Canada?s capital, is located in the province of Ontario on the border with the province of Quebec, in central Canada. Its location, 350 kilometres east of Toronto, 200 kilometres west of Montreal, and just a short 90-minute flight from New York or Boston, makes travel to other centres easy. The campus lives, learns and plays in both languages. This duality makes it?s students uniquely prepared to shape their country and to live out its values.
https://images1.content-gbl.com/commimg/myhotcourses/institution/profile/myhc_244102_320px.jpg University of Ottawa https://www.idp.com/iran/universities/university-of-ottawa/iid-ca-00761/

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