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Student visa requirements for Australia

You like to have control of your visa application. We can guide you.

The Australian Government provides an opportunity to international students to study in Australia but as a prerequisite, you’ll have to obtain a student visa for pursuing your chosen course in the country.

If you’re worried about the process, don’t be. IDP can help explain the visa process making it easier for you to understand. Our counsellors have been through the process many times before with students like you, so a few pointers from someone with experience may save you many hours and worries.

Which visa do you need?

The visa you need will depend on the type of study you want to do, and how long you want to stay in Australia. You can find out more about each type of visa on the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website (

You apply online

You will need to create an account using DIBP’s online application system – ImmiAccount ( - to complete and submit your student visa application. You can also track the status of your visa through ImmiAccount once you have submitted it.

The information you need for your visa application will depend on your nationality and which course you’re studying. You will generally need:

  • Proof of enrolment (your Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment)
  • Your health insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover) policy details
  • Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
  • Evidence of your English skills (your counsellor can book your place in the IELTS test)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Evidence of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents, return airfare).
  • A valid passport
  • Your visa application fee
  • Academic and work experience documents


If you are under 18 years of age, you will also need to provide additional documents such as parental consent.

* For a detailed visa application checklist, please speak with your counsellor.

You should submit your application no later than six weeks before your course starts, and no earlier than 12 weeks.

Your application will be allocated a unique Transaction Reference Number (TRN) by the Australian Government. You can find out about the status of your online ( ).

Making sure your visa remains valid

Once you get your visa, there are a number of things you need to do to ensure it remains valid, including:

  • Remain enrolled and maintain satisfactory course progress and attendance
  • Provide your Australian address to your University or college so they can contact you (don’t forget to let them know if you move)
  • Continue to be able to financially support yourself while in Australia
  • Don’t breach the working conditions that apply to your visa


If you want to change your qualification level you will need to apply for a new student visa.

Your counsellor can walk you through the student visa application process and the relevant information on the Australian government’s website. They can help you prepare the necessary documents for your submission and for your visa interview.

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