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Top Reasons to Study in Australia

If you are planning to study abroad and making a list of potential destinations, Australia must be somewhere at the top of your list. You are not alone. Australia is the top destination for students from all over the world.

As of now, there are around 400,000 international students from over 100 countries enrolled in different Australian universities and colleges. What makes Australia so great for international students, and why should you study there? Let’s try to find out.

Why Australia is better than other countries for study?

Australia offers excellent value for money and a standard of living that is among the highest in the world. Moreover, the living expenses and tuition costs there are considerably less expensive than the UK and USA.

High Standard of Education with a Flexible Nature

The first and foremost reason for you to study in Australia is the quality and options that Australian education has to offer. The country is a global leader in many educational fields. Whether it is technology or economics, you will find Australian institutes excelling with their education and research programs in every major discipline. But that’s not about all.

You can virtually pursue your studies in every field in Australia. Over 1,000 Australian higher education institutes offer more than 20,000 courses in every field and its sub-fields while maintaining the quality of education across the board. The statistics and rankings further substantiate the excellence of the academic ecosystem in Australia. For instance, a renowned university network Universitas 21 has ranked the Australian education system 10th best in the world.

Moreover, six Australian universities rank among the top 100 global educational institutes for their impeccable expertise in disciplines that include social sciences, engineering and technology, pre-clinical and clinical health, and life sciences.

The best thing about Australian colleges and universities is the flexibility they offer. You may not find such agile and student-friendly degree courses in any other country. For instance, Australian institutes facilitate students in spreading their credit hours so they can easily put them up with odd jobs and internships. Another good thing about pursuing higher education in Australia is that you are not pressed for sticking to a single discipline. Many universities offer double degree options to students so they can explore a wide array of subjects.

Completing education in a system that has such an advanced and mature approach towards academics allows students to develop many soft and transferable skills that make them valuable for companies all across the globe.

Quality Assurance and Cover for International Students

Australia knows the importance of quality assurance in higher education. Also, Australian education regulatory bodies realize that it is important to facilitate the students who have come from other countries proactively. This is the reason why the Australian higher education system is one of the most meticulously managed and regulated systems in the world.

There are hosts of quality assurance and regulatory bodies that make sure you can study in Australia in the safest and friendliest environment while receiving the highest possible quality of education. Let’s look into some of the quality assurance bodies and their measures that also help international students.

The Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS) is the principal body formed to facilitate international students. ESOS doesn’t just offer financial protection to students but also takes care of a wide range of student services. For instance, it oversees the Australian Government’s initiative of the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). The main objective of the TPS is to make sure international students are getting the tuition and other resources they are entitled to under the given program.

The TPS also makes sure that students facing financial crunch can complete their degree in some other discipline or institute. Otherwise, it makes it certain that the students can get the justified tuition fee refund. You can see how thorough TPS is with covering the affairs of students.

A regulatory body called the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) works to make sure the education and degrees offered by Australian higher education institutes are on par with international universities. The AQF also teams up with other regulators to make sure top employers all over the world recognize the Australian higher education.

Rest assured, the quality of education in Australia is maintained with strict regulations, and international students get equal opportunities to make the most of it.

Bright Graduate Prospects in National and International Job Market

The proactive quality assurance of higher education translates into bright prospects for people graduating from Australian colleges and universities. As a graduate of an Australian higher education institute, you become eligible to be hired by any top employer anywhere in the world. You also have a good shot at the Australian job market with your degree. The Australian economy is doing well (not undergone a recession for 27 years). The country has also recorded a relatively low average unemployment rate of 5.3% last year.

Scientific and technical services, health care and social assistance education and training and construction create the most opportunities for fresh graduates. These four industries are multifaceted and cover a lot of niches, making it easier for graduates to get a placement in their preferred job role.

If you are enrolled for a four-year degree program in any Australian institute, you are eligible for applying for a Temporary Graduate visa upon the completion of your graduation. The visa will allow you to stay for your fours and explore the Australian job market after the completion of the degree.

Good Quality of Life

Apart from offering academic excellence, Australia is also offering you a high quality of life. Different surveys and studies declare Australians as one of the happiest nations of the world due to their better quality of life. Moreover, Australian cities are considered the best student cities in the world. As per QS Top Universities, five Australian cities rank among the top 30 student cities, with Melbourne being the 3rd.

Moreover, Australian cities offer first-world living experience. With coastal landscapes and the vicinity of some of the most stunning geography of the world, students are in for a ride for their extra-curricular activities while studying in Australia.

All things considered, there are more than enough reasons to pursue your higher education in Australia.

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