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Study Master of Business Analytics at Bond University

 Written by Grace Tee, December 2018

In a global marketplace built on data collection, targeted communication strategies, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s not enough to gather information and crunch the numbers; you must know how to apply that data to real-life scenarios in a way that will impact behaviour.

That’s what makes Bond University’s Master of Business Data Analytics so unique: First you learn the technical skills, including R and Python languages most commonly used in the development of data programming; then you focus on the practical application, based on actual business problems in a range of industry sectors such as health, marketing and finance.

In Bond’s trademark small classes, you’ll be mentored by Australia’s leading

economists, statisticians, financial analysts and mathematicians with immediate access to the very latest technologies in the Centre for Actuarial and Financial Big Data Analytics.

Working in tandem with Bond Business School’s specialists in entrepreneurship, management and marketing, they’ll prepare you for a rewarding career, tailored to the future. With the best industry connection structure, students have access to practise the application and analysis on real industry data. Student are also able to capstone big data projects & case study subject on their own company if they have their own data set.

The programme can be completed in 1-year duration. Hence, it is even more cost effective compared to other institution.

As there’s a huge demand for Data Scientist and the number of jobs is more than the students who are currently studying. Graduates would not be able to just apply to Data Scientist jobs, but also apply to job such as Data Analyst, Data Manager and many other jobs requiring the skills and technic of a data analytics. The understanding of the techniques used in machines learning and artificial intelligence (AI) gives students a greater advantage to excel and broaden career opportunity as well as better career advancement.

A Professional course is available for students who wish to do an additional Professional Portfolio to enhance their studies. The Professional program is designed to promote and support leaning, personal development and professional practice. It also focuses on developing self-analysis & reflective learning skills and applying theoretical solutions for practical workplace problems.

Find out more today at +65 6819 0560 or IDP WhatsappWhatsApp: 9827 8469.

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