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關於 莫哈克應用藝術與技術學院

One of the largest government-funded colleges in Ontario, Mohawk College has an annual enrollment of over 13,000 students including more than 3000 international students from 80 plus countries around the world. It prides itself in offering students a rich learning environment that includes an amazing variety of experiential learning opportunities from co-op programs to labs and simulations. Mohawk is one of Canada’s top colleges ranking #1 in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area for the 8th straight year.

The dynamic faculty teach 160 programs in specialties which include healthcare, technology and business, skilled trades, as well as a vast array of other subjects. In addition, international students come from around the world to learn English from English-speaking Canadian teachers at Mohawk in our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) ESL programs.

There is a healthy range of sport and fitness activities available through Mohawk College. From David Braley Athletics and Recreation Centre (DBARC) to the 13 Varsity sport teams, the college offer and wide selection of fun-and-fitness-for-all Intramural programs.

From the annual SuperCrawl music and art festival that attracts over 200,000 people every year to a thriving music scene, Hamilton offers a vibrant array of activities and cultural events. As well, Hamilton offers movie theatres, concert and theatre venues, sports teams and much more. It’s easy to find out what’s going on in Hamilton through an online search. Hamilton’s main newspaper, the Hamilton Spectator, maintains a helpful current calendar of events and activities in the area.

Mohawk College is located in Hamilton, Ontario, an easy one-hour drive from Pearson International airport where most international students will arrive. All campuses are located in Hamilton, Ontario. Located at the edge of the Hamilton escarpment, Fennell Campus has undergone the largest renovation in Mohawk history. Re-designed as a welcoming place to live and learn, the renewal has created a modernized space while enhancing energy efficiency, barrier-free access and more.

Mohawk's Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades is the home of the Marshall School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship. With top technology and professional facilities for the skilled trades, Mohawk grads are in high demand. It’s well prepared apprentices choose from a line-up of eager industry employers.

Home to six hospitals and a cancer centre, Hamilton has a great demand for health care practitioners. Led by a world-class faculty at Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster, Mohawk prepares students in outstanding facilities that include the human anatomy and simulation labs, as well as computer and digital labs.

該學校接受雅思成績 莫哈克應用藝術與技術學院
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Association of Community Colleges of Canada 的成員
43.23869, -79.88807 135 Fennell Avenue West,Hamilton,Ontario,L9C 0E5 Canada
Fennell Campus
地址:135 Fennell Avenue West, Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 0E5 Canada
43.22619, -79.71284 481 Barton Street,Stoney Creek,Ontario,L8E 2L7 Canada
Stoney Creek Campus
地址:481 Barton Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario, L8E 2L7 Canada
43.25981, -79.92072 1400 Main Street West,Hamilton,Ontario,L8S 1C7 Canada
McMaster Campus (Institute for Applied Health Sciences-IAHS)
地址:1400 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 1C7 Canada

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