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Northern College is one of the foremost public institutions for applied arts and technology in the province of Ontario, Canada's largest province. Northern College's success in delivering post-secondary education lies in its understanding that there are many routes to achieving professional success and academic excellence. The college uses this approach to deliver a large range of unique academic and applied programs of study and training which fit the interests and requirements of any student, regardless of their lifestyle.

In addition to conventional diplomas, certificates, postgraduate certificates and degrees, Northern College offers a number of post-secondary and career preparation courses to help ambitious students advance their qualifications and supercharge their career.

The college maintains four campuses across the north-east of Ontario. Three of the four campuses, Timmins, Hailybury and Kirkland Lake campuses admit international students. The largest of these is Timmins Campus, located in the city of Timmins.

All of Northern College's campuses are located in safe, welcoming communities with a wide range of work opportunities when studying. Northern College provides everything a student could want in an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle with all the conveniences of daily living provided while avoiding the hectic stresses of busy, large urban centres.

Each of the three college campuses open to international learners are well placed and well regarded to provide students with outstanding access to the various Canadian outdoors activities.

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What's new

What's new

The college has recently been the recipient of a generous investment of CAD 500,000 by Kirkland Lake Gold, which is being used to develop a brand-new facility for applied research and innovative technology at NC's respected Innovation Hub, located on the Timmins Campus.

The research facility is expected to open in the Summer of 2020 and will contribute to the college's ongoing delivery of research and development excellence. Northern College has an established tradition of innovation and the centre is a modern, well-equipped hub for learning that brings immense benefit to students looking to gain real-world exposure and deliver tangible products. In addition, it will benefit and contribute to industries seeking cutting-edge advancements. The facility is expected to increase the availability of exciting career opportunities for students at NC.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Northern College, as one of the 24 public colleges of arts and technology in Ontario, is well known across Canada and globally as a premier institution for students seeking to achieve their educational ambitions. The college provides a welcoming, supportive and ever-widening circle of professional and academic relationships for its students, allowing them to quickly grow in the direction they choose.

Through guiding principles, including learning excellence combined with industry networking and exciting collaboration, students can seize new opportunities for themselves and their workplaces, families and communities. This is supported by a strong foundation of outstanding facilities, well-funded modern equipment, and innovative teaching techniques delivered by expert-level, experienced, and attentive faculty and staff.

Northern College's Learning Resource Centres are hubs which form the centre of this mission, and work as focal points for conversation, collaboration and learning communities. These centres provide a large range of services and amenities to students and staff alike, as well as the wider community. They influence all elements of academic life at the college through the provision of quality learning resources and facilities that allow its students to push the boundaries.

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Department structure

Department structure

The college provides a comprehensive range of learning pathways, including over 75 courses that include full-time and part-time, diploma, certificate, post-graduate and apprenticeship programs. In addition to this, Northern College offers a number of web-based distant learning options in addition to traditional class-based courses. Any student attending Northern College is sure to find a course that suits them.

Northern College is committed to assisting prospective students of any background to achieve academically. The college also provides additional post-secondary and foundation, career-focused courses to give students who need or want the opportunity to progress to the next stage of their life.

Northern College is dedicated to offering education in areas that lead and support any successful community, such as healthcare, human services, technology and trades, and social and economic development. Helping passionate students access such key areas of learning and development are more important than ever in ensuring that NC graduates can help sustain the world's key industries.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

In order to undertake a program of study at Northern College, the minimum requirement is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD/OSSGD) or an equivalent international qualification. Further details about minimum requirements can be found on the international admissions page.

Students applying from other Canadian provinces or internationally who hold equivalent qualifications to the Ontario Secondary High School diploma, or other academic or work experience regarded as equivalent may also apply.

International students who wish to study at Northern College are to submit the following documentation alongside any OCAS application documents through the OCAS International Student Application Portal:

  • Official transcripts detailing any educational achievements that have been completed or are in progress in Canada.
  • Official copies of both a valid passport.
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency, for example, for a certificate or diploma program, it usually requires an IELTS (academic) with an overall score of 6 and one score could be 5.5. band. Some programs may require higher scores and students are encouraged to check the entry requirements for their intended program of study.

Students can contact the international office if they have any questions.

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Northern College is situated in the vibrant province of Ontario, Canada. The college's main campus, Timmins, is a perfect combination of city living within a beautiful rural landscape. The community of Timmins offers all the services and amenities that any student or visitor could require from a large city, while maintaining the welcoming atmosphere of a smaller community. It is set within the breath-taking rugged Northern Ontario landscape, and is ideal for students who want to explore nature or take on exhilarating activities like camping, hiking, fishing and a wide range of year-round sports.

Northern College offers on-campus student residence at two of their three campuses, with a wide range of living options to suit every lifestyle. Each college campus is furnished with well-equipped classrooms, dining facilities, and public transport links. All campuses offer excellent library and learning facilities, laboratories and student shops.

The Innovation Hub, located on the Timmins Campus, showcases the college's dedication to innovation and business connectivity. The centre allows students to get involved in the development of regional industry and contribute to local economic development. It also functions as an applied learning and resource hub through which students can expand their knowledge and professional networks.

The Northern College Integrated Emergency Services Complex is one of the newest and most state-of-the-art facilities in Ontario. It is a centre of excellence for emergency services academic programming and training.

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Student support

Student support

Supporting and empowering international students is central to Northern College's activities. Different departments of the college such as student services, student advising and the international department provide assistance and advice for all questions relevant to prospective, newly arrived, and recently graduated international students. These offices are able to assist with:

  • International application, admission and registration
  • Immigration information
  • Student services including fee payment, course registration, official transcripts and letters etc...
  • Advising services including academic support, accessibility support, mental health support, international insurance etc...
  • Providing general information and answering questions

The college also hosts the Northern College Student Association (NCSA), a group of student representatives who are elected by the student body. These leaders assist students and make them feel welcome during their time at Northern College. The Northern College Student Association is able to assist with a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Socializing, events and entertainment
  • Hosting a student food bank
  • Providing representation for academic grievances
  • Co-ordinating student agendas
  • Lobbying for political issues

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北方應用理工學院 北方應用理工學院
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北方應用理工學院 - by, 2020-01-09
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South Porcupine Ontario 4715 Highway 101 East
Haileybury Ontario 640 Latchford Street
Kirkland Lake Ontario 140 Government Rd E
Moosonee Ontario First Ave Box 130
Toronto Ontario 200 & 300, 1450 Midland Avenue
Northern College has established itself as the choice of those who wish to fulfil their educational dreams. It offers an open, trusting, and ever expanding circle of relationships to experience and explore. With wisdom, experience and ability, students can choose new opportunities for themselves, their family and community. The College provides many different learning paths to match the students? needs. Its mission is excelling in quality, accessible education through innovative programs, services and partnerships for the benefit of the northern communities.

Northern College offers over 75 full time, part time, certificate, diploma, and apprenticeship programs and hundreds of in-class, web based, and correspondence courses. The students are sure to find exactly what they are looking for. It also provides post-secondary and career entrance preparation programs and academic upgrading to help students get where they want to go. Learning new skills in areas like health care, business, social and economic development, human services or technology and trades adds to student choices.

Timmins is the ultimate fusion of the urban and the rural. On the one hand, it?s big enough to provide all of the amenities and services expected of a larger city, while on the other, it?s small enough to ensure that students are never far from the outstanding landscape northern Ontario is known for.
https://images1.content-gbl.com/commimg/myhotcourses/institution/profile/myhc_254678_320px.jpg 北方應用理工學院 https://www.idp.com/taiwan/universities/northern-college/iid-ca-01043/

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