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Established over 60 years ago in Hamilton, New Zealand and now a new purpose-built campus in Tauranga, the University of Waikato is a progressive and innovative institution of higher learning. With an eye on the future the university provides students with an international education, aligned with an excellent research culture.

The university has been highly rated by international students who registered an overall satisfaction of 90 per cent according to the 2019 International Student Barometer. The University of Waikato welcomes over 2,500 international students from across the globe who form part of a culturally diverse student community. International students also have the opportunity to apply for numerous bursaries and scholarships at the university.

The institution is committed to providing the ideal learning environment for students which is supported by highly-qualified and renowned faculty. In addition to academic support, international students are assisted consistently throughout their studies, from counselling to career guidance. Programmes include being paired with an existing student to assist with settling in. There is also an energetic and vibrant student life to get involved in with clubs, societies and activities.

Students are well prepared by the university for the rigours of a career in a variety of workplaces. The university maintains good relationships with industry and prospective employers often visit the institution to chat to students and discuss internships or work placements. Students are actively encouraged to engage with both potential employers and alumni to get an insight into the world of work and take advantage of the opportunities on offer.8

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What's new

What's new

A research project focusing on wetland education, which is a joint venture between the University of Waikato and Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, recently received funding of NZD 127,000 from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE) Unlocking Curious Minds fund.

The project strives to create a series of multimedia educational (bilingual) resources, based around the research into New Zealand's wetland ecology and restoration. This is a one-year project scheduled to start in February 2020.

''We don't want people to look over there and see a swamp, we want them to see the hugely rich biodiversity our wetlands hold and the vital role they play in the ecosystem they sit in,'' says Project Manager, Andrea Soanes.

''When you engage people in a really deep and meaningful way you see that lightbulb switch on and it can take their life in a slightly different direction, it builds passion and understanding. That's what excites me,'' Miss Soanes added. Ms Soanes believes this project could help strengthen the relationship between scientists and regional communities, which will aid to the future protection of wetlands.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Practical experience and accessible academics

At the University of Waikato, students gain a globally recognised education. The university's courses are designed and taught so that when students complete their degrees, they can transition easily from the classroom to the workplace. In 2019, the university offered more than 2,000 industry placement and internship opportunities to students.

The faculty at the University of Waikato are passionate about the areas of study in which they are experts and are dedicated to helping students build their knowledge and skills which are essential for them to be successful in the careers they choose. Students at Waikato are encouraged to interact with academics, including generating debate during lectures and asking questions.

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Why Hamilton and Tauranga, New Zealand?

Why Hamilton and Tauranga, New Zealand?

Culturally diverse, beautiful, and safe, New Zealand has a work-life balance that is the envy of the world. It's why these locations have consistently led international quality-of-life surveys. Hamilton and Tauranga city, and surrounding regions offer a wealth of nature-based activities and attractions, as well as world-class university education and vibrant city life.

The University of Waikato has two campuses located in Hamilton and Tauranga City. Both cities are centrally located in the north island of New Zealand and are relaxed and safe cities. Many popular tourist destinations such as the Hobbiton film set, Rotorua, and Auckland city are within close proximity.

Hamilton City

Hamilton is a vibrant and multicultural city immersed in Indigenous Māori culture, and is New Zealand's 4th largest city. Located on the banks of the Waikato River, Hamilton boasts magnificent parks and gardens.

Tauranga City

Tauranga is New Zealand's fifth largest city and is bustling with cultural, sporting and recreational activities. The cosmopolitan city is well known for its blue skies, warm climate, beautiful beaches, stunning harbour and relaxed lifestyle.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

There are several ways students can gain admission to degree study at the University of Waikato. The University of Waikato teaches in the English language and requires all students to demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English. The university has an extensive list of entry requirements based on a large number of qualifications.


Academic entry requirements are dependent on which country the international student's previous study was completed in and each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Students will need to meet the English language and academic requirements. Generally, an undergraduate degree in a similar area of study is required. Requirements are identified on the qualification pages of the university website.

Pathways options

There are pathway options available for students who do not meet entry requirements. Students should visit the university website for more details on entry requirements.

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Waikato's first-class facilities provide a student-centred learning environment designed to give students the support they need while they study at the university. It holds a five-star QS Stars rating for its facilities.

Student Centre

This is the university's central hub for student support and combines traditional library resources with hi-tech IT facilities. It is equipped with a cafe, library services, computer facilities and quiet study areas.

Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts

Specifically designed for performing arts, equipped with a world-class concert chamber and a range of teaching and performance spaces.

The University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance, Tauranga

A world-class facility that contains all the essential elements required to service elite athletes and prepare them for competition on the world stage.

Cyber Security Lab

The Cyber Security Lab develops solutions that enable users to know their data provenance, and to preserve the privacy and utility of data.

On-Campus Accommodation

The Hamilton campus offers students on-campus accommodation options.

Other on-campus facilities include:

  • Recreation centre and gym
  • Swimming pools
  • Sports courts (Tennis, Squash, Basketball)
  • Cafes and food shops (offering vegetarian and halal food)
  • Post office
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctors
  • Stationery shop
  • Multi-faith chapel and prayer room
  • The Wellbeing Hub
  • OMEN Esports Arena

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship – Up to NZD 10,000

The University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship contributes up to NZD 10,000 towards tuition fees for international students enrolling in undergraduate or postgraduate-taught studies.

Applicants must be recipients of either a conditional or unconditional offer of place from the university. Applications for the International Excellence Scholarship may be submitted at any time.

University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarship

Students intending to enrol full-time in a PhD, DMA, EdD or SJD at the University of Waikato will be asked to indicate whether they wish to be considered for a UoW Doctoral Scholarship on the application to enrol form.

Students are encouraged to visit the University of Waikato website for a full list of scholarships and bursaries that are available to international students.

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懷卡托大學 懷卡托大學
Rated3/5based on5 student reviews
Customer reviews:
懷卡托大學 - by, 2020-01-07
4.0/ 5 stars
懷卡托大學 懷卡托大學
Rated3/5based on5 student reviews
Campus was nice only, Customer reviews:
懷卡托大學 - by, 2020-01-29
1.0/ 5 stars
懷卡托大學 懷卡托大學
Rated3/5based on5 student reviews
Environment and campus Customer reviews:
懷卡托大學 - by, 2020-01-07
5.0/ 5 stars
懷卡托大學 懷卡托大學
Rated3/5based on5 student reviews
Customer reviews:
懷卡托大學 - by, 2020-01-07
4.0/ 5 stars
懷卡托大學 懷卡托大學
Rated3/5based on5 student reviews
Customer reviews:
懷卡托大學 - by, 2020-01-30
4.0/ 5 stars


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Hamilton Waikato Te Whare Wananga o Waikato Gate 1, Knighton Road
Tauranga Bay of Plenty 101-121 Durham Street
In 1964, the University of Waikato was officially opened by then Governor General, Sir Bernard Fergusson. Today, it is home to many students and has continued to be a breeding ground for independent thought and progressive learning. Safe, politically stable and culturally diverse, the university offers a high quality, cost effective education.

The University is committed to delivering a world-class education and research portfolio, providing a full and dynamic university experience, distinctive in character, and pursuing strong international links to advance knowledge. It offers a wide range of qualifications, including undergraduate degrees, postgraduate diplomas, masters and higher degrees. Subjects and flexible degree offered at the university structures shape qualifications to suit student?s interests and career plans, and keep their skills in demand.

Each year, the university offer more than 2000 industry placements and internships. Whether students are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, their partnerships and networks offer students a unique opportunity to embed themselves in local or international organisations as part of their learning experience.

Campuses of University of Waikato are bursting with life and energy. With smaller class sizes, better access to lecturers, affordable living, a wide range of support services, and with dozens of student clubs, student experience at Waikato will be dynamic and distinctive.

Waikato is located in the North Island where it has a number of campuses. Its main campus is in Hamilton, 4km from the city centre. The University campus is located in the suburb of Hillcrest and may be accessed from either Knighton Road or Hillcrest Road. It also has a satellite campus in Tauranga, serving the Bay of Plenty region.
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