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Dalhousie University

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Founded in 1818, Dalhousie University has been delivering an exceptional education for 200 years. With the addition of the Agricultural Campus in 2012, its reach continues to expand beyond Halifax and into other parts of the province. It is one of Canada’s oldest universities, attracting more than 19,000 students from around the world.

Dalhousie combines the prestige of a big-name university with a hands-on, collaborative education. All students have access to experiential learning opportunities in their programs and nearly 90% are taking advantage of it. The University has received a five-star rating overall, and specifically in Teaching, Employability, learning Environment and Innovation, from QS Stars, one of the top global university ratings systems. With 4,000 courses in over 200 programs, students can build a program that speaks to their individual goals and prepares them to achieve it. Co-operative education programs provide students an opportunity to apply classroom learning in a professional workplace. Over 2,000 students take part in work term placements each year. A talented, dedicated team of faculty and staff make up its energetic academic community. Employment opportunities exist in a range of roles and environments, each one critical to the success of the university.

The university’s libraries offer state-of-the-art learning and research opportunities. Students will have access to one of the largest university library systems in Atlantic Canada. Librarians will provide guidance and help student as they work on their class projects and research.

Dalhousie students create an energetic community where diverse personalities and interests thrive—inside and outside the classroom. Whether students come from around the corner or around the globe, they can immerse in everything that university campus and surroundings have to offer. Student at Dalhousie will have full access to Dalplex, the primary fitness and recreation facility. Students can also choose from the many intramurals and clubs offered throughout the year, from traditional sports like basketball, soccer, hockey and volleyball to activities such as rock climbing, inner-tube water polo, broomball and dodge ball.

Dalhousie University have three campuses in the heart of Halifax, close to the city’s major amenities. The three Halifax campuses are situated in residential areas, within easy walking distance of downtown Halifax. Historic, ivy-covered buildings and well-kept grounds provide a beautiful and inspiring learning environment.

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Dünya sıralaması
~251 st / 760
dünya üniversiteler sıralaması
üye Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools
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44.63867, -63.58399 5981 University Ave,Halifax,Nova Scotia,B3H 4R2 Canada
Carleton campus
En yakın şehir: Halifax
Tahmini yaşam maliyeti: -1
baslık:Kampüs içi
adres: 5981 University Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 4R2 Canada
44.64254, -63.57227 1360 Barrington St,Halifax,Nova Scotia,B3J 1Z1 Canada
Sexton Campus
En yakın şehir: Halifax
Tahmini yaşam maliyeti: -1
baslık:Kampüs içi
adres: 1360 Barrington St, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1Z1 Canada
44.63658, -63.59166 6299 South St,Halifax,Nova Scotia,B3H 4R2 Canada
Studley Campus
En yakın şehir: Halifax
Tahmini yaşam maliyeti: -1
baslık:Kampüs içi
adres: 6299 South St, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 4R2 Canada
45.37194, -63.2657 62 Cumming Dr,Truro,Nova Scotia,B2N 5E3 Canada
Agricultural Campus
En yakın şehir: Halifax
Tahmini yaşam maliyeti: -1
baslık:Kampüs içi
adres: 62 Cumming Dr, Truro, Nova Scotia, B2N 5E3 Canada

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