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Visa 600 - A guide to studying on the Australian visitor visa 600

This visa is designed for tourists, business visitors, allows you to visit your family in Australia and permits completion of short educational courses of less than three months in duration. The visa can either be three, six or twelve months long and the conditions are simple. It can also be used if another visa, such as a student visa, is expiring, and you need a short term extension.

The step by step process to apply for visa 600

Whether you are in Australia or located in another country, the process is the same.

  1. Go to the official Australian ImmiAccount page and set up a log in.
  2. Fill out all the required information and provide all the documents asked for.
  3. Submit the application and pay the required fees. If you do not provide all the information required, your visa may be denied or the processing time may be greatly increased.
  4. You may be asked to supply biometrics at a local processing centre in your home country.

Fees for Australian visa 600

Fees vary, depending on the length of stay. The cost ranges from AU$153 to $365.

Processing time for visa 600

This visa has a fast turnaround time. 75% of applications are processed in four months, and 90% are processed within five months.

Eligibility criteria and visa conditions

The list of criteria are short, compared to other visa types. You must:

  • not work
  • intend to complete a period of study no longer than three months long
  • have adequate health insurance
  • have enough money to support your stay

Documents required for visa 600

The Australian immigration authority can request different documents according to the country of origin and the intention of the visitor once in Australia. You may be required to supply:

  • a completed application form
  • copies of biographical page of passport
  • a recent passport-sized photograph with your name written on the back
  • details of any name changes
  • copy of birth certificate
  • proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Australia, such as a bank statement
  • proof there is incentive to return to your home country, such as enrolment at school, employment proof, or proof of ownership of assets in your home country
  • evidence of enrolment at the learning institution
  • evidence of a return flight ticket

How can people transfer from visitor visa 600 to student visa?

Transferring from a visitor visa to a student visa while you are in Australia can be complex pathway. It can only be done if your visitor visa doesn’t have any ‘no further stay’ conditions. Moving from a visitor visa to student visa also increases your chances of your visa application being refused, due to the genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement. The immigration department may claim that the reasons for your education visa are not genuine, and this could be a reason they may decline your student visa application.

For either of these scenarios, you will need to return to your home country and apply for a student visa from there.

If you have condition 8503 applied to your tourist visa conditions, you can apply to have this waived. This condition states that the visa holder will not be entitled to a substantive visa while they remain in Australia. You must satisfy the department that your circumstances have changed, the circumstances were beyond your control, and be compelling.

Alongside the usual student visa requirements, you will be required to prove to the Australian immigration department:

  • that your reasons for not studying in your home country are valid
  • that you have sufficient reasons to return to your home country once your student visa has expired
  • there is no unrest in your home country that could stop you from returning home freely
  • there is nothing in your immigration history that indicates your intention to remain in Australia
  • the course is valid, relevant, and appropriate to your current education or employment
  • that this course will ensure future employment
  • that you have complied with all previous and current visa terms, and have the continued intention to comply with the new student visa.

You will be required to prepare a written statement demonstrating your GTE, addressing all the factors above. Evidence of your claims should also be included.

Find out if visa 600 is the best option for you

Find out how IDP Education can help you with your visa requirements to study and migrate in Australia. Contact us to help with course selection, visa assistance and guidance on navigating your education goals.

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