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How Do I Apply for a Study Permit Extension?

As an international student in Canada, the expiry date on your study permit is probably one that you should tattoo on your forehead! It's what tells you when you need to stop studying and leave Canada.

You can find the expiry date in the top right corner of your permit. This date is usually equal to the length of your study program, plus 90 days. The extra 90 days gives you time to prepare to leave Canada or to extend your stay in Canada. Note that the 90-day period begins from the date that you receive official notice from your institution that you have completed the program.

It is recommended that you start the extension process 3 months before the expiry date of your study permit. Remember, you can't extend your study permit beyond your passport’s expiry date, so make sure your travel documents are in order.

Here are a few possible scenarios to consider if your study permit is expiring soon:

Scenario 1: You’ve decided to continue your studies in Canada

In this case, you will need to extend your study permit. You must apply for your study permit extension within the 90 days following the completion of your previous program.

Before you apply for study permit extension, make sure your school is on the IRCC’s Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) list.

If you've decided to continue your studies in Canada, an IDP counsellor can help you find a school and program that matches your budget. Your counsellor will also help you apply for your study permit extension. IDP does not charge our students any fees for our services.

Scenario 2: You wish to continue staying in Canada but you're no longer studying

In this case, you have two options:

  1. If you’ve completed your study program and are eligible, you can apply for the post-graduation work permit (PGWP). To learn more about PGWP application, check out our blog "Important Reminders about the PGWP".
  2. You can change your status by applying for a visitor visa
  • If your visitor visa has expired, and you need or want to leave and return to Canada, you also need to apply for a new visitor visa

Scenario 3: You plan to travel outside Canada and your permit will expire while you’re travelling

In this case, a student must remember to apply for study permit extension prior to travelling.

In most cases, the application to extend your study permit can be completed online.The fee for Study Permit extension is $150. If your biometrics have expired, the cost of resubmitting them is an additional $85 (Biometrics Fee).

In case your study permit has already expired, please remember that you cannot study until your student status has been restored.

However, if you apply before your permit expires, you can stay in Canada under the same conditions as your current study permit until you receive a decision from the IRCC.

If you wish to continue your studies in Canada and apply for study permit extension, consider booking an appointment with an IDP counsellor.

What will an IDP counsellor do for me?

  • Find the best college program based on your career interest and budget
  • Ensure that the institution you apply to earns you a PGWP
  • Manage your entire application process from start to finish
  • Guide you through the visa change/extension process following the acceptance of your admission offer

IDP does not charge students for its services.

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