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Education Counsellors

With more than 100 years of combined experience, IDP’s education

counsellors are our direct connection to more than 20,000 international students across Canada. They work 1-on-1 to help students chart their educational journey, apply for a second program and renew their study visa. See all the ways they could help you.

Speaking more than 12 languages and working in four cities, our counsellors are driven by their passion for watching their students get into their dream program – which happens a lot.

Toronto team

Originally from India, Prachi has 7 years of experience in counselling students on their studies in Canada. Before moving to Canada in 2000, she received a degree in computer science, worked in human resources and was an Education Counselor with IDP India for more than 4 years. In her free time, she enjoys cooking Indian food, travelling, and solving puzzles.

Yumin was born and raised in South Korea. She has completed her B.A. in English Literature and Language and holds an associate degree in Community Development. Before joining IDP, Yumin had 7+ years of experience in program development and international student recruitment across public and private post-secondary institutions in Canada and abroad. Yumin is also a TESOL-licensed ESL instructor, certified Zumba instructor and volunteers with a dog rescue.

As an onshore education counsellor since IDP Canada began offering counselling, Alex has 10+ years of experience in advising international students on admission processes and academic programs in both China and Canada. Having been an international student himself with a degree in Business Administration, Alex credits his personal experience to his enhanced understanding and ability to service international student needs. Alex studied in both China and Sweden, and in his spare time, he enjoys basketball, soccer and water sports.

Jasmeet hails from India, where she completed a program in business management before working with IDP India for 4 years. She moved to Canada in 2020, first working at an immigration consultancy before joining the IDP Canada team. This background gives her an excellent understanding of the Canadian immigration system and issues students may face. In addition to her work, Jasmeet also enjoys exploring new places.

Vancouver team

Sam was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada at the age of 12. A graduate of the University of Northern British Columbia, Sam has spent the last 9 years of his career in the education industry, including 5 years with IDP Taiwan before moving to Toronto to join the Canada team. Sam has an excellent grasp of the Canadian educational sector and loves seeing his students gain admission into top-ranking universities. Outside of work, Sam enjoys playing basketball with his son.

Originally from Vietnam, Ann moved to Canada in 2021. She has been working in International education counselling for 10 years, and has assisted hundreds of students in pursuing their studies in Canada. Before becoming an education counsellor, Ann was a teacher for 10 years teaching in both secondary and post-secondary schools. With her passion, knowledge and experience, she always wants to support her students to achieve their goals. In her spare time, Ann enjoys travelling, singing and watching movies.


Originally from India, Neha spent 6 years with IDP India, helping hundreds of students start their Canadian education journey. She moved to Canada in 2021 and joined the IDP Canada team to assist students already in Canada in 2022. She enjoys cooking and playing games in her free time.

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With so many reputable schools and courses in Canada, deciding where and what to study can be an overwhelming decision. Chat today with an IDP expert who can guide you through your study options and assist with your application.

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