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Australia Study Guide for Beginners


Europe and the United States have always been buzzing destinations for international students. However, a continent island in the southern hemisphere has also become a favorite place for tertiary students from all over the world. Yes, we are talking about studying in Australia which is the third most popular destination for international students across the globe.

The country has seven of its universities among the top 100 in the QS World University Rankings. Australia’s tertiary education system has produced around 2.5 million international alumni, now working all across the globe in well-regarded organizational positions. Moreover, 15 Nobel Prize Laureates were honed and produced by the same education system.

Besides the impressive track record of tertiary education, the living standard, vast cities, countryside, sun-kissed beaches, and the varied variety of fauna also make Australia, a favorite destination of international students. If you are about to complete your high school and planning to study in Australia and your mind is brimming with many burning questions, read on.

In this piece, we are going to discuss all the major pointers regarding studying in Australia as an international student.

Studying in Australia & career prospects

As mentioned earlier, completing your tertiary education in Australia makes for a better career trajectory. Besides the academic prowess of Australian universities, the overall education system is career and growth-oriented. For instance, the university classes and credit hours are scheduled in a manner where you get a lot of time to get work experience along with your studies.

For international students who are treading the tight deadline of visa expiry, this scheduling is a godsend. Flexible class timings allow students to gain considerable relevant work experience as they complete their degrees.

The universities are also proactive in making sure their graduate students can readily get a good placement. CareerHub reflects the dedication of Australian universities in facilitating their students with respect to careers. It is an employment portal that works in 35 Australian universities and with millions of student members.

The main objective of CareerHub is to facilitate employers in picking eligible, competent graduates for their organizations. International students can also benefit from CareerHub, just like any local student as long, as they are acing it on the academic front.

Many international students came to Australia not just to complete their graduation or post-graduation but also continue as a professional there. If you want to stay in the country after the completion of your degree, then you will need to gather reasonable work experience before your student visa expires.

International students are allowed to stay for three months after graduation. So, you need to start applying for positions in the companies you want to work with even before the completion of the degree. This way, you will be able to get a call before the expiration of your student visa.

Is Australia good place to study?

The multicultural nature of Australia means that overseas students are readily accepted by the community. Australia is one of safest countries to live, study and work. And several Australian cities rank high usually as the safest places in the world.

Student accommodation in Australia

After securing a seat in the university and program of their choice, taking care of accommodation is the most vital task for international students. Australia fares far better than the EU countries and States in this regard. Here, international students get a higher standard of living and more options for accommodations at reasonable rates.

Whether you want a private residence or planning to stay in the campus accommodation, you get options that are comfortable to live and easier to afford, especially if we compare them to any other popular destination of international students.

Let’s look at different types of accommodations that you can take while studying in Australia as an international student.

Private accommodation

Private accommodation is usually considered expensive for international students. However, you can’t say that for all private student accommodations, at least not in Australia. Here, many student apartment complexes offer accommodation to international students, which is nothing short of a luxurious stay.

For example, Iglu Central Park in Sydney offers reasonable accommodation to students with amenities that international students in many other countries can only dream of. Iglu’s student accommodation offers every student a private bathroom and a full-fledged shared kitchen. You also get a lot of storage space in Iglu’s student lodges.

UniResort in Brisbane is another impressive student accommodation complex. It features a swimming pool, a sauna room, two Jacuzzis, and a tennis court. You will find many such student accommodation complexes in every big city in Australia. For international students who want private accommodation but don’t want to blow their budget, such complexes come at really reasonable rates.

Campus accommodation

If you are short on money or have arrived on a scholarship, then campus accommodation is the way to go. It is important to mention here that accommodations provided by the majority of Australian universities maintain good standards, comparable to any university around the world. University administrations also persuade international students to opt for campus accommodation as it gives more opportunities to them to seamlessly assimilate into the new environment and society.

The hustle and bustle of campus accommodations also prove to be a great tonic for the homesickness that many international students face in the initial days. Australian universities have well-run accommodation places that are full of amenities. The Village, a campus accommodation of Murdoch University, Perth, is worth mentioning here.

Besides offering students a place to sleep and keep their belongings, the Village offers amenities that make sure you can set your full-day schedule around the university campus. It features a basketball/volleyball court, along with a swimming pool. There is also a pool room. A 12-person mini cinema and gaming room is also part of the Village.

The Village also facilitates students with their studies through its E-library and a group study lounge. A boardroom and seminar room is also part of this impressive student accommodation complex of Murdoch University. BBQs and pasta nights are also quite frequent in the Village so that students from all diverse backgrounds can socialize in an amiable environment.

This is just one example of how universities and colleges in Australia are serious about campus accommodation facilities. You will get more or less the same arrangements in every Australian university that hosts a good number of international students.

Campus life

The campus life in Australian universities is full of activities that are designed to make sure an inclusive learning environment can come along. Orientation programs in the universities stretch for weeks to make sure international students can fit in the new setting far away from their home countries. Similarly, welcome dinners are also a long-established tradition of many universities and colleges.

Social awareness campaigns led by student bodies are another common feature at campuses. Whether it is about raising voice against sexual harassment, gender discrimination, or xenophobia, students in Australian universities understand their social responsibilities. This mix of academic and extra-curricular activities helps you in developing soft skills, which have become a hot favorite of the contemporary job market and hiring landscape.

Student support services

Leaving your country and going to a new place is not an easy decision. Every international student goes through the stress and anxiety for some time after landing in a foreign land. The support services offered by Australian universities take special care of all those students who are mentally and socially struggling due to a sudden change in their living environment.

From doctors and psychologists to career and visa advisors, the support services of universities have all sorts of experts who are always ready to render their expertise to international students. Many universities especially focus on social equality in their support services. For instance, Murdoch University has a separate Equity and Social Inclusion Office that caters to disabled students.

Places like the University of Melbourne are deeply involved in the well-being and smooth transition of new international students. They have an on-arrival reception program where one can sign up for being welcomed at the airport by the University representatives and transported to their accommodation without paying any fee.

In short, the support services at Australian universities are top-notch that make sure not a single student, no matter where they have come from the struggles in adjusting to the new place.

Joining sports clubs & student societies

The way Australian universities support sports and other extra-curricular activities, it is pretty clear that their sole objective is not just to develop stereotypical nerds (not that it is a bad thing). If you are into sports or other healthy non-academic activity, then you will find a lot of avenues to fulfill your passion at Australian university campuses.

The above discussion has made it clear that studying in Australia can be a great decision for any student. The high-quality education, a fulfilling campus life, and bright career prospects— Australia ticks every box when it comes to choosing an international destination for pursuing tertiary education.

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