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Study in Australia

If You’re Thinking of Australia, We Can Help You.

There are 2 intakes for Australian universities – in February and July. University or AD/HD Year 1 Hong Kong students can enter the first year of a bachelor’s degree course in Australia with DSE results and complete the degree in 3 years at the earliest, while F.6 students can apply for a 1-year foundation program with internal grades and progress to university afterwards.

Australia proves a popular destination to study in, welcoming international students from all around the world. Australia is home to several leading universities such as the renown “Group of Eight” (Go8), providing a wide range of courses including those unavailable in Hong Kong. With ample and diverse career options, students are more likely to explore their interests and set out clear directions studying in Australia. Relatively low tuition fees (compared to the US and Europe), flexible education system and close monitoring of the federal government also make Australia a favourable study abroad destination.

Some Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are recognized as the most liveable cities in the world, providing a relaxed and comfortable study environment which gives parents peace of mind. Want to know more on studying in Australia? Contact us now!

The Group of Eight (Go8)

The "Group of Eight" (Go8) is a coalition of leading Australian universities, distinguished by depth and quality of their research programs. All 8 member universities rank top 150 in QS world rankings 2022. Over 70% of Australia's research projects are carried out by the Go8, of which more than 95% have obtained US patents. They have nurtured a huge number of talents across the business and political fields internationally, and many of them are Nobel prize winners.

Australian universities have lower admission requirements than Hong Kong, and they offer great flexibility in study progression, so it’s not as hard as you think to get into the Go8!

Study Pathways of International Students

There are 6 years of secondary education in Australia. F.4 Hong Kong students can choose to enter grade 11, take public exam at grade 12 and apply for universities with public exam results. If you are F.5 or above, you can opt for a 1-year foundation program which grants you university entry upon meeting internal requirements. In this case public exam result is not required. You can also take a more skill-oriented certificate or diploma course and enter Year 2 of a bachelor’s degree course with internal grades.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

The cost of living in Australia is about 18,000 to 22,000 AUD, depending on the city of residence and personal living habits. In terms of tuition fees, certificate and diploma courses normally cost around 4,000 to 22,000 AUD per year, and bachelor's degree courses cost around 15,000 to 33,000 AUD per year, relatively lower than that in the US and Europe.

Professional Education Consultation

It’s a hard decision to fly halfway around the world to an unknown country, so you will probably need guidance and advice from real professionals along the way. IDP counsellors have close ties with institutions in different countries, with profound knowledge of each institution and their courses, admission requirements, fees, etc, and are capable of devising study plans based on students’ interests, abilities and needs. We will also follow through the entire application process from interview, exam, visa application to guardianship arrangement, offering everything you need to realise your dream!

Student Essentials Services

Study overseas with someone who knows the way

Why Study in Australia

Australia is a safe, affordable study destination with highly regarded education system.

Guide to Studying in Australia

Australia is one of the top three countries that foreign students choose to study in, along with the US and UK. If you choose to study in Australia, you’re bound to experience the best student life.

Education System

Australia has some of the world’s leading universities that are consistently in the world’s top 100. Let’s consider the education system in order to find the best options for you.

Australia Student Visa Requirement

The type of visa you need depends on the type of study you would like to undertake, together with how long you'd like to stay in Australia. The information you need for your visa application depends on both your nationality and the course that you're studying.

Employment Prospect in Australia

While working part-time can be a great way to help with the cost of living in Australia, it can also help you to gain work experience in your field of study.
Group of Eight Australia
The Group of Eight (Go8) is a coalition of leading Australian universities, comprehensive in general and professional education and distinguished by depth and breadth in research.
Australian Technology Network (ATN)
ATN brings together five of the most innovative and enterprising universities in Australia.
Australian High Schools
Introduction of Primary and Secondary School System in Australia
Australia Foundation Program
Foundation courses help International students who may not initially meet entry requirements to undergraduate study at Australian universities and colleges.
3.8.1 ANZ Master's Degree_T2_240x156.png
ANZ Master Zone
Recently, many have chosen to do a master's degree in Australia or New Zealand, mostly because of the prestigious international universities, quality teaching, range of courses and subject choices, and the potential pathway of getting a work visa after graduation.
Top Cities - Melbourne

Melbourne has an exciting range of events on all year round, including sporting highlights like the Australian Open tennis grand slam.

Top Cities - Sydney
There’s a lot going on in Sydney, from great dining and shopping and inspiring arts and culture to amazing architecture.
Top Cities - Adelaide

Adelaide is a big city, but it doesn’t get the crazy level of busy you come across in other bigger cities in Australia.

Top Cities - Brisbane

With a stunning history, diverse shopping arcades, bars, thriving art and music scene, Brisbane is hard to beat as a great city to live in.

Top Cities - Perth

Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital, with stunning, sandy beaches and a huge number of city parks.

Top Cities - Canberra

With high quality institutions, amazing libraries and numerous museums, Australia’s capital makes an excellent choice as your study city.

Top Cities - Hobart

Hobart combines big city benefits with a small city flair and it’s the most affordable capital city in Australia.

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