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Making sure you get from A to B quickly and easily

If you live in one of Canada’s larger cities, you may well prefer to walk, cycle or catch public transport rather than worry about more expensive (and less convenient) private travel options.

Buses provide local travel as well as long-distance travel, with frequent services operating between major cities. Trains in Canada are modern, quiet and efficient, with convenient routes between the most popular destinations such as Montréal to Halifax, or Montréal / Toronto to Vancouver. Most of the public transport options also offer discounts if you’re a student, but you may need a specific student card to receive these discounts.

If you would like to drive or cycle in Canada, you’ll need to know the rules of the road and meet any government requirements before hitting the road. If you are staying in Canada for less than three months and you already have a valid driver’s licence from your home country, you usually don’t need to get an international licence. However, to learn more about the road rules and licence requirements, you should visit the Government of Canada website.

If you want to go further afield , you can fly out of any of Canada’s 13 international airports, or from a number of domestic airports across the country.

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