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Study engineering at the University of Waterloo

Know why the University of Waterloo is one of the world's top engineering schools


The University of Waterloo is a well-known public research university in Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) that and has been constantly ranked among the most innovative universities* in Canada for the last 28 years. As per the Maclean’s 2021 University Rankings, it is also the country’s third-best overall university. With a strong focus on integrating teaching and academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, experiential education, and impact-driven research, the university is home to students from over 120 countries and enjoys a graduate employment rate of a whopping 92%. 

If you have been considering to enrol in an engineering program at the University of Waterloo, here’s all you need to know:

Popular engineering programs

The university’s Faculty of Engineering offers 15 undergraduate programs and nine masters engineering degrees. in fact, its architecture degree is counted among the most reputed courses provided by the department. 

  • Undergraduate programs: Their undergraduate portfolio comprises of Architectural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Management Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Nanotechnology Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Design Engineering and Architecture

  • Masters programs: Their most popular engineering courses at masters level are Chemical Engineering (MASc), Chemical Engineering (MEng), Civil Engineering (MASc), Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI), Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc), Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (MASc), Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (MASc- Nanotechnology) and Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (MEng) and Systems Design Engineering (MEng)

Eligibility criteria 

While we mention the most common eligibility requirements here, we recommend that you check specific requirements pertaining to your desired engineering course at the university. You can always reach out to your IDP counsellor who can help you understand the criteria in detail. 

I. General requirements

  • CBSE awarded All India Senior School Certificate 

  • CISCE awarded Indian School Certificate 

  • Any pre-university certificate awarded post 12 years of studies

  • For admission, the students will be evaluated based on their 10th board results, final 11th school grades, and predicted class 12 board results

II. Specific requirements

  • For an undergraduate program: Minimum 70% in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and chosen elective subject in your class 12. But, with an overall score of at least 85% in all the five subjects. To prove your English language proficiency skills, a minimum of overall 6.5 band in IELTS (minimum 6.5 band in writing and speaking module and 6 band in Reading and Listening modules) 

  • For a masters program: Proof of your four-year of Bachelor's (Honours) degree or equivalent with a minimum average of 75% -80% in the last two years (it may vary as per program), Statement of Purpose (SOP) and two references out of which one should be in academics. To prove your English language proficiency skills, a minimum of overall 6.5 band in IELTS (minimum 6 band in Writing and Speaking modules)

Tuition Fee 

The minimum tuition fees you’ll have to pay to pursue an undergraduate engineering course is $61,300 (annually) and masters course is $13,936.76 (per term). However, if you opt for a co-op program then you’ll have to pay an additional fee of $734 (per term) to cover some costs of the program and will not be required to pay any fees during your work terms.

Scholarships available for international students

To pursue your desired engineering course at the University of Waterloo, here are some scholarship programs to consider:  

Type of scholarship


Scholarships available; amount awarded


Entrance scholarships for international students

All engineering programs

Several scholarships amounting to $10,000 for one year

International students enrolled in full-time, first-year studies in Architecture, Engineering, and Software Engineering (studying on an international study permit). (Note: An application is not required)

Other entrance scholarships

All engineering programs

One scholarship amounting $18,250

International students with exceptional academic performance (minimum 90% admission average) with demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship (Note: An application is not required)

*Recommended: Do check with your IDP counsellor about the deadlines and details, it may vary owing to the current pandemic

Co-op education at the University of Waterloo

Co-operative education, or co-op education, is a program designed to equip a student with relevant work experience. It aims to deliver real-world, program-related work experience while pursuing education. In addition, it can help you decide what kind of job you might want and pay for your education and increases the chances of acquiring a good job (with a higher salary) as a graduate.

Read more about Co-op education in Canada

Waterloo’s co-op program takes five academic years to complete – a year longer than a regular (non-co-op) program – but the good news is that you'll graduate with nearly two years of paid work experience! With this option, you can take advantage of the university’s network of more than 7,100 co-op employers which is currently, known to be the largest of any university in North America. You can also explore various career options with 4 to 6 work terms available and earn both, experience and money. On an average, you can earn between $8,400 to $18,000 per work term in Canada.

Career prospects for a co-op graduate

If you work well in your co-op, there are high chances to get absorbed by the organisation you’ve associated with during the program. But remember, co-op programs do not come with a job guarantee. It is only to make you work ready and give you some hands-on experience. With some experience on your resume, it becomes easier to get placed in a reputed firm at a higher salary than your peers i.e., more than $40,000 after six months of graduation and more than $50,000 after two years of graduation.


Updated on November 23, 2020

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Shilpi Singh

Shilpi Singh is a skilled professional with over 13 years of experience and extensive knowledge of Canadian institutions and Education in Canada. Under her role of Client Relations Manager (Canada) at IDP, she is the central point of contact for client institutions and IDP Canada staff. In her role, she ensures that all IDP staff and students are updated with latest institution policies, requirements or any process related to education in Canada. 


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