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Study in Canada

Here’s a comprehensive guide for all Indian students who want to study in Canada

High on academic quality but affordable tuition fee – Canada is one of the best study destinations for students. Until August 2019, Canada experienced almost 70,000 international students studying at all levels in the country; which explains its popularity across the globe.

How much does it cost to Study in Canada?

Study program

Average annual fee (in CAD*)


Undergraduate program

$13,000 to $20,000 per year


Postgraduate master's degree

$17,000 to $25,000 per year


Doctoral degree

$7,000 to $15,000 per year



$30,000 to $40,000 per year

*Please note all fee figures are indicative

Scholarships to study in Canada

S. No.

Name of the scholarship



Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

    Offers various fellowships at different levels from graduate to post-doctorate and from research to training fellowships



Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

    This scheme identifies students with high intellect from Commonwealth countries applying to programs of advanced study and research at the Master and PhD level

    The award comprises travel, living allowance and the compulsory tuition fees



Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

    For graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines

    As a pre-requisite to applying, students must accept an offer from a university in Ontario and obtain a valid study permit



National Research Council of Canada (NRCC)

    Research associateship is offered to master degree holders in engineering and PhD holders in natural science or engineering disciplines


Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

    For students studying in Quebec

    Financial assistance to students at master’s level or above

    Each application is assessed on its own merit



Ontario Trillium Scholarship

    First announced in November 2010 for  doctoral students from around the world to study in Ontario

    Each scholarship is worth $40,000 annually, renewable for a maximum of four years

    75 scholarships are awarded each year

    Ontario universities are responsible for selecting and awarding scholarship to international PhD students based on merit and program criteria



Partnership Grants by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

    For PhD candidates

    Supports new or existing research initiatives in social sciences and humanities

    Worth up to CAD 20,000

    Duration: 4 to 7 years

Top Courses to Study in Canada

Artificial Intelligence

Data Analysis

Computer Science



Nursing and Midwifery

Human Resource Management


Dental Studies


Note: Given the current COVID-19 situation, there might be some changes in the 2020/2021 intakes. Don’t worry, our international education experts are here to guide you with the latest updates to help you apply to your desired course and institution. Feel free to connect with our experts for a free counselling session and keep posted about the latest COVID- 19 updates.


Student visa requirements in Canada

The Canadian Government provides an opportunity to all Indian students to study in the country but as a prerequisite, you’ll have to obtain a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Know all about it!

Cost of studying in Canada

Canada is one destination where quality education is available at tuition rates lower than many other countries. But it’s not just the tuition fee alone you should be calculating in your budget, there’re a lot more expenses involved when you plan to study abroad.

Student Essentials

We have a range of special services for students applying to Canada!

Why study in Canada

With an excellent education system in place, practical teaching pedagogy and abundant post-work opportunities, Canada is undoubtedly the most sought-after countries amongst Indian students. Even the United Nations vouches for its quality of life. Read on to know why Indians love Canada.

Education system in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s best education performers and among the top countries that spend per capita on public post-secondary education. That’s not all! Know everything you need to know about the Canadian education system.
Upcoming intakes
Canadian institutions offer three major intakes – Fall, Spring and Summer. Know more!
Scholarships for Canada
Apply to a range of scholarships and grants available for Indian students.
Student Direct Stream (SDS)
Your guide to Student Direct Stream (SDS)
Employment Prospects in Canada
Want to work while you’re in Canada? Here’s how.
FAQ's about Canada
Here are some answers to help you know Canada better
Lively, multicultural and exciting, Quebec is an affordable province to study in!
Health and support
Here’s how dedicated support services can help you adjust to life in Canada.
Exams for Studying in Canada
Here are the list of exam required for admissions in canadian institutions.
Admission Requirements for Study in Canada
Here are the list of eligibility criteria and requirements for Study in Canada.

Other Courses 


I have 2 years work experience. Can I apply for a masters in Australia?
by Sajeet
Yes, you are eligible to apply as long as you meet the minimum requirements for the course and university.
Is Australia a good place to study a masters in biotechnology?
by yash
Yes absolutely, Biotechnology is a good option as there are good work opportunities when you graduate.

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