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One of the most popular courses across the globe, a degree in business from a UK university helps students gain knowledge about planning, running and operations of an organization. Students get exposure to different aspects of the business world which includes areas such as marketing, finance, human resource and administration. While the initial stage involves an overview of the entire business world, at a more advanced stage, students can opt for specialization in one of the disciplines of business. MBA being the most sought after business program is offered by an array of UK universities. Some of the top institutions that provide MBA in UK include, University of Oxford, University of Warwick, University of Bath and University of St Andrews

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Advantages of pursuing a business course in the UK - 

  1. A globally recognized degree is offered
  2. Universities at UK offer diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in business.
  3. MBA in UK stands atop the most popular business courses and is offered by some of the UK's best universities.
  4. Along with theoretical studies, business courses at UK universities also focus on case studies and practical exposure as they help students understand the subjects in a better way.
  5. A degree in business from a UK university enhances the career options and earning potential of the students.
  6. In some of the institutions students have to undergo an internship program as a part of the course curriculum.

Eligibility for MBA in the UK

To seek admission in a business course in the United Kingdom, students must meet the below mentioned basic eligibility criteria:-

Undergraduate Diploma / Degree 

  • Completion of secondary education studies equivalent to UK's standards 
  • Furnish school documents / transcripts and relevant certificates 
  • Prove proficiency in English language i.e. obtain an admissible IELTS / TOEFL score 

Post Graduate Degree / Diploma 

  • A relevant 3-years bachelor's degree obtained from a recognized university, equivalent to a UK degree 
  • Minimum 1 year of work experience may be asked by some UK universities 
  • Meet the criterion of proficiency in English language with a good score in IELTS / TOEFL exam 
  • Some universities grant admission on the basis of GMAT score as well 

Popular Business courses in the United Kingdom

  1. International Business 
  2. Human resource Management
  3. Business Management
  4. Project Management
  5. Sports Management
  6. Quality Management
  7. Organisation Management

Career Opportunities

Business is a broad degree that encompasses a host of areas and there a variety of fields students can pursue upon completion of their diploma/degree. Students can enjoy a range of career options. These include:-  

  1. Accountancy
  2. Advertising
  3. Banking
  4. Consultancy
  5. Human resource Management
  6. Marketing
  7. Finance
  8. Human Resource Management, etc.

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Studying in the UK can be quite affordable if planned well. Look at our guide of estimates to help ease your financial budgeting whilst your stay as a student in the UK. Yes, we’ve covered expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage and travel too!


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