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5 Coolest Courses You Can Study In New Zealand

If you’re looking for unconventional courses, you might want to check these out.

For students looking to study abroad, you might not have settled on a country, course or university yet. If that’s the case, why not consider New Zealand? Apart from her majestic natural wonders that the country is widely known for, it is also home to quality universities that offer interesting courses that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

With that, we did some digging and pulled up a list of the coolest courses that you can study in New Zealand.

1. Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology

For those keen on developing a career as a winemaker or viticulturalist, you might want to apply for this course. For starters, viticulture is the cultivation and harvesting of grapes, and you’ll get to study this scientific branch of horticulture along with oenology, the study of wine and winemaking. In this specific course that’s available at Lincoln University, the core of the degree covers aspects like basic science preparation, wine science and even pest and disease management.

2. Bachelor of Advanced Science in Environmental Change

This course is for students who want to pursue postgraduate research. From Chemistry to Computational Biology, and Ecology to Environmental Change, the 11 specialisations available in the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) span the spectrum of the sciences. You’ll develop advanced disciplinary knowledge and relevant research skills, and you’ll undertake original research in your chosen area. Depending on how well you do in your courses, you may be able to progress straight to a PhD. You may be able to transfer between the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours), with faculty approval.

3. Master of Antarctic Studies

Want to gain in-depth knowledge of Antarctica, the coldest and most isolated continent in the world? With the Master of Antarctic Studies at University of Canterbury graduates will have a greater opportunity to visit and work in Antarctica. This one-year degree has courses coordinated by Gateway Antarctica, a research centre that offers an internationally unique programme of study and inquiry. In fact, Antarctic research is represented in one of the ten New Zealand National Science Challenges, and of importance to countries that make up the Antarctic Treaty.

4. Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience

In certain countries, it is important to know how to respond when disaster strikes, when operations are disrupted and tragedies occur. It is crucial to understand how cities can manage these scenarios and build the resilience of its people in the face of adversity. The Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience offered by Lincoln University is a degree that equips graduates with skillsets and knowledge to handle exactly that, with its location in Christchurch – where the Canterbury region is still undergoing intense urban renewal and disaster recovery from the 2011 earthquake – providing valuable on-the-ground learnings to students.

5. Bachelor of Product Design – Applied Immersive Game Design

Part of the Bachelor of Product Design degree that promotes interdisciplinary innovation, the Applied Immersive Game Design provides students with the opportunity to utilise their creativity and passion, paired with technical know-how, to design and develop games. And it’s not just about the latest role-playing games or hottest strategy versions. In fact, there are various types of games that students can come up with that meet end-user needs, including that for education, rehabilitation and industrial applications.

Here’s to experiencing student life overseas, and embarking on an amazing adventure!

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