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University of Southampton

 Here’s  everything you need to know about the University of Southampton! The university, located in the UK and founded in 1862, is also a member of the Russell Group. Its motto “Strenuis Ardua Cedunt” in Latin, can be translated to English roughly as “Highs give way to those who strive”. 

The university has seven campuses. Five of these campuses are located in Southampton, one in Winchester and one in Malaysia. It is one of the 24 British Universities within the Russell Group and, with the emphasis on research, it is among the top 10 universities in the UK. Its connection with the Russell Group also ensures that it maintains academic quality and that its students receive training with the best instructors in their field. 

Southampton University, which has a very high employment rate, provides career support to its students. Regular career events, internship programs, CV and interview support interviews are provided for students to access online resources. The university, which has partnered with many world brands such as IBM, Amazon, Rolls-Royce, ranks highly in the 2019 QS Post Graduation employment rankings.

Entry requirements for Turkish students

International students from 135 countries are 30% of the student population and the universirt accept students from Turkey. It hosts around 50 Turkish students between 2017 and 2018.

  • A high school diploma for undergraduate programs, successfully completing the first year of a university in Turkey, where high scores are requested from England A Level, average 28 – 38 from International Baccaluareat (IB) programs. Although these requirements are intimidating, the university offers Foundation year for international students. *

*For the Foundation, there are success rates and details that vary depending on the program you want to enroll. You can learn these details for free from your IDP Education counselor and apply to programs.

  • Bachelor's Degree diploma is required for master - gradute programs and required GPA is 3.3 or above.
  • For PhD -doctorate- programs, with good averages in undergraduate and graduate programs, you need to submit a good research / thesis proposal before applying. You can find our tips for a good research proposal here.

As an international student, you also need to submit your English proficiency and the university acceps IELTS scores. The language proficiency scores required for the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs may vary depending on the programs to be applied. IDP expert counselors can offer you free help for all requirements related to your department. Get your appointment!

Did you know?

  • Jane Austen lived in Southampton for 2 years after her father’s death. Her house is still standing there and serving as a local pub.
  • The famous ship Titanic, which collapsed after a tragic accident, sailed from Southampton in April 1912. You can visit the SeaCity Museum located in the heart of the city.
  • The aircraft “Spitfire”, one of the important events in the development of aviation technology and the history of England, took off at Southampton airport on March 5, 1936. You can see the magnificent planes by visiting the Solent Sky Museum in Southampton.
  • In the UK, geothermal energy is only used in Southampton. It allows it to be one of the countries that are environmentally friendly and have the lowest carbon dioxide emission. 

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