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Why Parents Choose IDP for Their Children to Study Abroad?

Here’s 6 Reasons

Sending your child to study abroad is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make in their life. A life-changing experience, studying abroad will enable your child to grow as a person, become independent, and develop valuable skills for their career and personal life.

Therefore, it is crucial to make a wise decision with your son or daughter when it comes to choosing the subject they are interested in, the destination and the university or college.

This can be daunting for you, especially if you don’t have the time or experience to check with your child the many options available at hundreds of universities and colleges abroad.

With 50 years of experience, IDP Education, a global leader in international education services, can be the right companion for both of you in this journey. Here’s how we help you:

1. You get the full picture

We are partners with over 700 universities, colleges and schools in Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Our education counsellors will share with you their intimate knowledge of the world of universities, cities and job markets in these top destinations to help you make an informed decision.

2. We put your interests first

Our approachable and friendly counsellors help you identify and secure the best university or college where your child can thrive. They provide unbiased and professional advice, based on your child’s needs and career goals.

3. The experts handle your child’s application

You don’t need to worry about the tedious application process. Once you choose the course and university, your IDP counsellor will help your child fill in the university application, write the perfect personal statement and provide other important documents as required.

Your IDP counsellor will personally contact the university or school to make sure they convey the full picture to help improve your child’s chances of acceptance. Once the application is successful, we will also help your child accept the university offer.

4. You save your money

IDP doesn’t charge fees for helping you and your child find and apply for courses, so you’ll get all the convenience with none of the cost. Many universities also waive their application fees when the application is made through us.

5. You get a full package of student services

Our role goes beyond just helping your child find a place at a university or school abroad. We provide full suite of student services, covering English language testing (IELTS), visa advice, support with choosing the right medical insurance, accommodation option and how to open a bank account in the new country.

6. Your child belongs to a bigger family with IDP

IDP will be a second family to your child. Our support doesn’t end when your child is about to travel and start their course abroad. We are dedicated to ensuring they feel supported at every stage of their lifetime journey.

Through our free pre-departure support, we make sure that your son or daughter are well-prepared to start their life in the new country. Issues like dealing with home sickness, cultural shock and adapting to the new place are among the things we discuss with them before they leave home.

And after they arrive to the new country, we help them connect with other IDP students and alumni through welcome events to help them settle in.

Watch what other parents say about IDP:


Help your child make a smooth start to their lifetime education journey. Our IDP counsellors are ready to help you. Contact us today.

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