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Life in Australia

Now that you have made Australia your home, it helps to gain some perspective and understanding of the Australian way of life as it will open up a whole world of exciting new possibilities and experiences.  

Let’s explore!

About Australia

Which is better - Melbourne or Sydney (and why)

Which is better - Melbourne or Sydney (and why) We all know how rivalries go. Sibling rivalry, family rivalry, rivalry at school, in sport, in the workplace, in politics (just look at the state of the US).

Study and live in Adelaide

One of the most affordable cities in Australia, Adelaide offers an amazing quality of life. It has a great public transport system and flat roads for cycling. It has ever-changing festivals, music events and art installations. Adelaide has some of Australia’s top educational institutes, from culinary schools to universities.

Study and live in Brisbane

Do you want study in Brisbane? With an absolutely perfect climate, plenty of beautiful green spaces, easy commutes, and many education and career opportunities, the city offers much to international students. Award winning universities such as QUT, UQ and Griffith University have made Brisbane a multi-cultural, vibrant place to live.
Migrating to Australia

Migrating to Australia

Discover the benefits of working in Australia, from work-life balance, effective training to the infinite opportunities to network and develop your career.
Study in Australia

Studying in Australia

Australia offers a diverse range of study options for international students, with more than 1,100 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from.

Scholarships In Australia

Explore scholarship opportunities today! Find out everything about scholarships available in each states/city and university in Australia.
People and Culture

People and Culture in Australia

Australia has so much to offer and as a migrant or student, there is so much to learn. We share tips and tricks to help you adapt to life in Australia.
Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of Living in Australia

There is no “one size fits all” plan for all but it is understood that an individual may need approximately $20,000 each year and an average family needs more than $50,000 a year to get by in Australia.

How to guide : Create a strong LinkedIn profile

Keen to know how to update your LinkedIn profile to be noticed by top recruiters? Be updated on LinkedIn's important features as guided by Karen Hollenbach, a career expert and founder of Think Bespoke. After reading this blog, you will understand how to have all or close to all bars on LinkedIn.
Most in demand jobs in Australia
Here's a list of the hottest jobs in Australia. Discover now
Know your bridging visa
Find out more about this temporary visa that will allow you to legally stay in Australia

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