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About IDP Education

Established in 1969, IDP Education is a world-leading education consultancy that helps Hong Kong's international students to find the right overseas study option for them. IDP Education has a global operation of 120 offices around the world offering student placement in Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Over the past 50 years, IDP Education’s team of professional education consultants has helped more than 500,000 international students realize their international education goals.

IELTS Official Test Centre

We are a proud co-owner of IELTS (International English Language Testing System). IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Since its launch in 1989, IELTS has become the world’s most popular high-stakes English language proficiency test.

Over 10,000 organisations worldwide accept IELTS as evidence of English language proficiency. In 2018, more than 3.5 million tests were taken globally. IDP Education offers the IELTS test in more than 450 test locations in 60 countries.

IDP Services

  • Comprehensive and Impartial education counsultancy for the education systems in Australia, the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada and New Zealand

  • Advise on study options by experienced education consultants and counsellors in Hong Kong

  • Assistance with application processing

  • Assist applicants to accept or decline offers from institutions

  • Access to student visa application information

  • Assistance with registration for IELTS and other tests

  • Access to student publications and educational and support websites in various languages

  • Assistance with guardianship arrangements

  • Assistance with accommodation and airport pickup services

  • Overseas education exhibition

  • Seminars, interviews, workshops and pre-departure seminars


About the team - Professional Education Consultants


Calvin Chan

I have over 15 years of experience as an education consultant, advising students for overseas studies in United Kingdom, Australia, US, Canada and New Zealand. I actively participate in writing articles about overseas education for newspapers and digital platforms, covering the admission process, issues, and advice on my area of expertise. I also participated in many media interviews, live radio interviews and joint seminars with local media to provide information about studying overseas.


Emily Yip

As the manager of my counselling team for over 10 years, I have overseen numerous successful and touching cases from my students, as well as their parents. Our duty as education consultants is more challenging than ever, as we need to become mediators, secretaries, social workers, and even financial planners help our students better. However, at the end of the day, the heartfelt thank you from my student is the greatest satisfaction I receive from my job.


Fred Leung

Having studied in the UK since GCSE’s, I have a lot of experience in what students should know when studying abroad, including tips to overcoming cultural shock, combatting homesickness, and making most of their student life overseas. Since joining IDP in 2012, I brought with me a wealth of experience in international education to help students gain perspective and explore more options.


Celine Chan

I experienced all stages of tertiary education in the UK, from foundation program to postgraduate degree. Thus, I am more than familiar with the English culture and education system. I enjoy lending a helping hand to those in need and is dedicated to assist students in choosing the most suitable institutions or pathways by understanding their own personalities and needs, in order for them to broaden their horizons and aid in pursuing their dreams.


Claudia Kwan

I have studied in the UK since high school and as a graduate from the University of Kent, therefore, I am very familiar with the UK education system, application timelines, cultures and life. The experience of mine could help understanding the concerns that students might have and allow me to support and advise them during the application process.


Connie Chau

Being educated in Canada since middle school and spending almost a decade in the country has enhanced my knowledge in their culture and education system. Living under such a diverse culture is definitely one of the most precious experiences in my life and I am passionate to share my stories with students and assist them in pursuing their dreams to study overseas.


Helen Ho

I have been an education consultant since graduation, with 10 years of experience on student recruitment. I place the expectations and concerns of the student and parents at the highest priority when recommending the right study plan for them. For me, being an education counsellor is not only a job, but also gives you a chance to become friends with the students and help them prepare their overseas study journey. Besides providing detailed course information, I am happy to share my study experiences with the students and help create a smooth application process so they can achieve their goals.


Michelle Leung

I have studied in the UK for around 10 years, from middle school to university. I have a thorough understanding of overseas study procedures and the geographical location there, and am happy to share my personal experience with students.


Nelly Yeung

Previously an international student, I understans the situations and struggles Hong Kong students might face when studying in a foreign country. And I am always happy to share my stories while talking to students and parents. It is important to strike a balance between aspirations and reality, which is why I would always listen carefully to what the students need while helping them plan their study abroad.


Polly Cham

I have worked in IDP for many years and am familiar with studying in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, and New Zealand. I have visited numerous colleges and universities in the UK and Australia and understand the education system and learning environment. By actively listening to the needs and desires of students and parents, I help them find the course that best matches their study goals.


Tom Lo

I was an IDP Hong Kong student years ago and returned as an education consultant after a fruitful 3 years in Australia. With my experience in Australia and understanding of the Australian culture, I believe that it allows me to understand what students and parents are looking for and thus assist them in gaining success in Australia universities. I believe my story with IDP and my personal experiences will help students achieve their dream.


Vivian Lee

I have studied in Australia since high school and have a deep understanding of the education system, culture and living environment there. With my own study abroad experience, I hope to tailor an overseas study plan that fits students’ and parents’ needs and realize their study goals.


Vivian Or

I have completed my high school and university degree in Melbourne and have a deep understanding about Australia’s teaching quality and culture. Since returning to Hong Kong, I have been working as an education consultant. I am committed to providing students with advice in all areas of their overseas studies, including guidance about different career pathways and how to adapt to the Australian lifestyle. I strive to help the students succeed and find the most suitable path to their goals.


Wing Hau

After completing her HKCEE, I went to UK at the age of 17 for furthering her studies. Having lived and studied in UK for half a decade, my experience continues to guide students who are planning to make the transition from Hong Kong high schools to studying overseas. I would balance goals and practicality for them. Standing in your shoes to help narrow the best and most realizable choices.


Zoe Lai

Previously an international student, I have a profound understanding of Australia’s local custom and culture. My goal is to assistant students to select the most suitable course with my personal experience so that they can enjoy their life and studies in Australia.

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