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About IDP Education

IDP Education, established in 1969, is a world leader in assisting international students to find the right overseas study option for them. IDP Education with a global operation of 100 offices around the world offering student placement in Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. Over the past 50 years IDP Education has helped more than 400,000 international students realize their international education goals. 

IELTS Official Test Centre

We are a proud co-owner of IELTS (International English Language Testing System). IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Since its launch in 1989, IELTS has become the world’s most popular high-stakes English language proficiency test.

Over 10,000 organisations worldwide accept IELTS as evidence of English language proficiency. In 2018, more than 3 million tests were taken globally. IDP Education offers the IELTS test in more than 450 test locations in 55 countries.

IDP Services

  • Comprehensive and Impartial information on the education systems for Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada and New Zealand

  • Advise on study options by experienced counsellors

  • Assistance with application processing

  • Assist applicants to accept or decline offers form instiutions

  • Access to student visa application informaion

  • Assistance with registration for IELTS, AEAS and other tests

  • Access to student publications and educational and support websites in various lanuages

  • Assistance with guardianship arrangements

  • Assistance with accommodation and airport pickup services

  • Overseas education exhibition

  • Seminars, interviews, workshops and pre-departure seminars

About the team - Professional Education Consultants


Calvin Chan

With over 15 years experience in assisting students for overseas study advices in United Kingdom, Australia, US, Canada and New Zealand, I also actively participated in writing up articles via electronic platforms and newspapers about analysis, advices and admission issues related to overseas education. I also participated in many media interviews, live radio interviews and joint-seminars with many local media to provide information about studying overseas.

Emily Yip

For more than 10 years, as the manager of my counselling team, I have counselled and oversaw numerous successful and touching case from my students along with their parents. Our duty as counselor is more challenging than ever, as we take on many roles such as mediators, secretaries, social workers and even financial planners for our students. However, at the end of the day, the heartfelt thank you from my student is the greatest satisfaction I receive of my job.

Helen Ho

From my experience to study overseas, I think studying abroad is not just for a graduate certificate! This is also a great opportunity for student to be independent and become a great problem solver, these are also a key success for them to adapt their new life in overseas. Student could take this experience to explore more different cultures, broaden their knowledge aims to get a wonderful new page of life.

Bonnie Ng

For more than 10 years, I've studied in US and have gained valuable experience as an international student myself. After completing my degree in M. Ed. in Educational Counseling, I've worked as a school counselor in both public school and clinical counseling center setting. Ever since I return to Hong Kong, I’ve been working in the education field. I love to share my experience and knowledge with my students to support them to study overseas and realize their dreams.

Cyrus Yip

Being an education consultant and a UK graduate, I understand the expectations and difficulties that students will face when study abroad. I also believe it is more important to help students to find their direction in education and future career.

Dione Tse

Having studied in the UK for eight years, I found the most rewarding aspect of my experience, was widening up my vision and seeing the outside world. Study overseas is a life changing decision. Being an Education Consultant allows me to share my experience and knowledge with studnts and parents, aiding them to search for the path of overseas education which suits them most.

Fred Leung

Having studied in the UK since GCSE, there are a lot to share with students including the way to overcome cultural shock, homesick, and make the most of studying overseas. Joined IDP in 2012, I brought a wealth of experience in international education and help students to gain perspective and explore more options.

Janet Ho

It was great to have an opportunity to go to UK to study as an exchange student when I was studying at the university. I could experience the local cultures, customs and living environments. This has broadened my horizons and made me impressed for overseas study. I am responsible for administrative duties at IDP. Meanwhile, I assist students for visa applications. Being able to provide assistance to students and help students to achieve their dreams are extraordinary. Therefore I have been gaining satisfaction from my job duties.

Jessica Tsang

I worked in IDP for few years and mainly focus on school applications and visa applications. It seems every case is the same but actually each case is a new challenge for me

Karen Ng

My experience of study aboard in Australia was amazing and I enjoy my local life in Australia very much. Being an education consultant in IDP for many years, I understand the needs and concerns of students and parents who planning to study overseas, I am grateful to have an opportunity to share my experience with students and assist students to pursue their dream.

Kelly Yung

I use my many years of UK study experience to guide me to be as accomplish as I can be in my role as Education Consultant here at IDP Hong Kong. I truly understand the importance of finding the right institution and course for my student. I often use my personal experience as example to share with my student that I understand their concerns and also as a guidance to assist them to achieve their dreams to study aboard. I sincerely believe it is an honor to have the opportunity to study overseas and also encourage my students to try many different things during their once in a life time study aboard experience.

Kris Mak

“Travel broadens our horizon much better than wide-reading.” I have studied abroad in the U.K. which gave me a valuable experience to understand overseas culture and education. Learning things beyond the knowledge in books including living independently and interpersonal communication has equipped me to be a better person. I become an education counsellor after coming back to Hong Kong and put what I have learnt to good use: sharing my own experience to various students and parents. Thus, I am confident on assisting students with great potentials to choose the suitable institutions and solving their difficulties.

Polly Cham

I have worked in IDP for many years and familiar with the ways of studying in Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand. I have visited lots of Colleges & Universities in the UK and Australia, understand the education system and learning environment. Know the needs of students and parents, find the course that best matches their study goals

Rachel Ng

Recalling back to the days in Australia, I am still grateful to have been given the opportunity to study for my Bachelor’s degree there. It was an amazing experience to meet people from different countries, understand cultural diversities, and learn beyond textbooks. With the international exposure that I have gained, I hope to share my experiences, challenges and stories with you. I look forward to assisting you with your study abroad applications and student visa matters.

Sarah Lam

I have completed my Bachelor Degree Course in UK and participated work placement in London. Being an education consultant, I have visited to both secondary school and universities in Australia. It gave me a better picture regarding the difference in terms of teaching method and daily lifestyle in between UK and Australia. I am more willing to analyse the difference among the programs and daily life experience. Hopefully students can find the most suitable program to further their study through personal consultation.

Vivian Or

I have completed my high school and university degree in Melbourne and have a deep understanding about the teaching quality and culture across Australia. Ever since I return back to Hong Kong, I have been work as an education consultant. I am committed to provide students with a wide ranges of options, including guidance about different pathways and how to adapt to the Australian lifestyle. I hope student can find the most suitable path to their goals.

Winky Lam

Being in the Education industry for several years, experienced in handling institution applications and applying student visa, well understand the concerns and needs of students and parents.


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