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IELTS Tips | IELTS on Computer: 5 Benefits You Didn’t Know

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If you were planning to take your IELTS test soon, you will be pleased to know that the computer-delivered IELTS is now available - and with it, comes amazing benefits.

While the IELTS test format will remain the same, 3 sections of the overall test can be done on a computer - the Reading, Writing and Listening tests. The Speaking test will still be done in front of an IELTS Certified Speaking Examiner.

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Reasons for choosing IELTS on Computer

1. More Test Dates To Choose From

Do you have a busy schedule or prefer taking the test during the weekend? Chances are, with the IELTS computer-delivered test, you will have more test dates and times available for you.

This is particularly great if you require flexibility or are juggling a variety of tasks which could include studying for the test itself, submitting applications to universities or handling immigration issues.

2. Enjoy Faster Results

With the computer-delivered IELTS test, the results will be made available much quicker than with the paper-based test.

With the computer-delivered IELTS test, the results will be made available much quicker than with the paper-based test.

On average, the computer-delivered test results will be ready within 3-5 days* while the waiting time for the paper test could reach up to 13 days*!

If time is a factor for you, go with the IELTS computer-delivered test.

3. No More Messy Handwriting Worries

We get it, not everyone is gifted with beautiful handwriting and if you aren’t one of these lucky few, you might be worried about the examiner being unable to understand what you wrote.

With IELTS on computer, your writing test will essentially be done on a keyboard and if you are a fast typer, you will actually enjoy a speed advantage versus writers who took the traditional paper test!

4. Fewer Candidates In The Test Rooms (Less Stress)

Remember the times in secondary school where tests were taken with dozens of other candidates? You probably felt a little stressed which might have affected your performance and results.

While the IELTS is not a competition, having many candidates surround you could add a level of stress. When you take the computer-delivered IELTS, not only will you be able to choose the test dates that you want, there will likely be lesser candidates around.

That means you can focus more on the test at hand!

5. Zero Need To Count Words

At various sections of the IELTS test such as the Writing test, there will be a need to ensure that your writing is within the word limit.

When you take the computer-delivered test, there will be no need to manually count each word, your computer will show you the word count!

That means more time to think over your work and write better instead of counting words.

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At IDP, apart from helping students secure their university placements, we are a co-owner of IELTS itself and also conduct the computer-based IELTS test.

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* Results for IELTS on computer are usually available in 3-5 days after you finish all components of your test. Please note that the result release day will be postponed to the next working day in the event if it falls on a Sunday or Public Holiday. Candidates will be notified if results are not available on the scheduled date.

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