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Finding your home away from home

There are four main options for you to consider when looking for a place to live whilst you’re studying.

Depending on your needs and your budget - the options to consider include living in a hostel or hall of residence, private boarding, homestay, or independent accommodation.

When finding the right place for you, it’s important to keep within your budget, but also to remember any additional costs you may need to cover including a rental bond, your meals, utility bills, and public transport fares. Remember also to consider the distance to your campus and any amenities or facilities you might want to have close to you.

Hostels or halls of residence  are generally a short walk from the campus which makes them a convenient option as you won’t need to travel far. This accommodation may include a furnished room and meals. However, if you’re looking for something a little more private, then private boarding offers you your own room, which could be either in a residential home or in a boarding house alongside other boarders.

The homestay option provides you with the opportunity to live with a New Zealand family in their home. You will have a furnished room plus assistance from the family helping you adjust to everyday life in New Zealand.
Independent accommodation offers you the opportunity to live with flatmates. You can share the cost of rent and other amenities.

Accommodation on campus
Traditional halls of residence on the university campus are a popular option for international students staying in New Zealand for the first time. Depending on the campus, these generally range from NZ$100 to NZ$700 per week. Students who would like to live on-campus should apply well in advance. Being on-campus places you near everything you need. Meals, computer facilities, laundry and cleaning services are often included in the package with this accommodation. Plus, if you ever need any other help, your accommodation is part of a wider university community.

Homestays are a popular choice of accommodation for international students taking short-term courses. A homestay gives you the opportunity to stay with a New Zealand family in either a single or shared room, with costs that vary from NZ$110 to NZ$370 per room per week. This cost generally includes three meals a day, laundry facilities, cleaning services, and also utilities such as internet and phone.

Private accommodation
Living in privately rented property is often attractive for students  as it allows you to decide who you would like to live with and where. If you choose this type of accommodation you can either move into pre-furnished accommodation on a room-by-room basis, or you can lease the whole property with friends you already know.

Employment While You Study

Working part-time can be a great way to help cover some of your living expenses whilst studying in New Zealand, but it can also help you gain work experience in your field of study. 

Shops and Restaurants

From shops to the dining hall.

There are so many options for shopping and eating in New Zealand.

New Zealand Universities

IDP Education partners with all New Zealand universities as well as a broad range of institutes of technology, schools and private providers.


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