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Living in New Zealand

You’ve chosen New Zealand, here are the basics.

New Zealand is always an extremely popular destination for students choosing to study overseas because of the quality of life there, as well as its close proximity to other Pacific countries such as Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia.

There are so many advantages to studying in New Zealand. Although it is one of the world’s smallest countries it is surprisingly diverse; you can expect to study in small classes with a multiplicity of different nationalities, this means you can experience plenty of one-on-one assistance from your teacher yet have the opportunity to connect with students and teachers from many different cultures.

New Zealand has an incredibly low crime rate and one of the lowest costs of living in the developed world, which makes it the perfect place to receive a world-class degree whilst studying abroad.

Education System

The education system in New Zealand is enormously diverse and one of the best in the world, maintaining excellent standards in literacy, mathematics and sciences and ranking well consistently by global standards.

Health and Support Services

If you need assistance, we are here to help.

New Zealand Universities

IDP Education partners with all New Zealand universities as well as a broad range of institutes of technology, schools and private providers.


As a pioneer in International education, we are truly global in scale and experience.

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