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Finding your own home away from home

Depending on your own needs – and, of course, your budget - you will find lots of options for living both on or off campus. The majority of universities offer student residences on-campus. However, to make sure you secure a room in an on-campus residence, you must have applied for on-campus housing through your institution. The cost of this on-campus housing does vary depending on if you would like a private room and your meals included also the cost will vary at each institution.

If you would like to live off-campus, there are many options to consider. You can choose an apartment, flat or house, depending on your budget and whether or not you wish to live in a shared house. The off-campus options are generally cheaper and most institutions will be able to help you find the right accommodation for you.

If you choose to rent accommodation privately, it is important to remember that you will be asked to sign a lease. This is a legal document that outlines all of your responsibilities as a tenant.

The cost of your accommodation will vary depending on your personal preferences, the location of your university and whether or not you’ve chosen to live on- or off-campus. For an on-campus room, you can expect to pay something between USD$1,000 and USD$1,500 each month, in contrast, off-campus accommodation will vary depending on the state or city you are living in. Also you will need to consider other monthly costs including water, electricity, phone, Internet usage, insurance plus your personal expenses.

It’s therefore very important to carefully research the options available to you to ensure you choose the right accommodation for your budget and needs.

People and Culture

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USA Community College

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