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Where To Get Asian Groceries In Auckland, New Zealand (Supermarkets & Stores You Must Know)

If you’re an international student living in New Zealand, you’ll probably have experienced a time when you were endlessly fascinated by the local food the country has to offer.

We’re talking Maori Hangi, Crayfish, Kina… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After you’ve been in New Zealand for a while though, you might come to miss local Malaysian dishes such as nasi lemak, beef rendang and other staples that you grew up eating.


If that’s the case, then roll up your sleeves, and start cooking! Now, while many supermarkets in New Zealand have an Asian section, we recommend that you shop at Asian supermarkets to get the most authentic, freshest ingredients.

For example, you’d get to pick things like lemongrass, kari ikan (fish curry powder) and dried chilli paste - essentials to keep you close to home.

Asian Groceries In Auckland, New Zealand

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing where to buy Asian groceries in Auckland, New Zealand.

Regardless of whether you’re craving Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Korean food, there’s definitely a specialist grocery store where you can get your ingredients!

Otherwise, you can check out Big T Supermarket which specialises in food from a variety of cuisines from Malaysian to Japanese, to Indonesian!

1. Chinese Grocery Stores

Tai Ping is one of the best-known Asian and Chinese supermarkets in Auckland, and you can find all the Chinese ingredients you need (and then some) here.


Apart from the standard pantry staples, you can also stock up on claypots, portable stoves, and other cooking equipment. There’s also a counter selling freshly roasted meats; we hear these are pretty good.

Tai Ping, 3037 Great North Road, Auckland. Like Tai Ping’s Facebook Page to get updates on their latest promotions and discounts.

2. Japanese Grocery Stores

Japan Mart is a Japanese grocery store chain that was established in New Zealand back in 1987. They carry the largest selection of Japanese food products you’ll find in New Zealand, and they’ve got outlets at Newmarket, Sylvia Park, Wyndham Street, Manukau, Henderson and Riccarton.



The newest branch is the one located at Wyndham Street, and this comes stocked with plenty of Japanese ingredients, including miso paste, soy sauce, nori, wasabi, pickled ginger, and more. Lazy to make a trip down? You can also visit Japan Mart’s online store.

Japan Mart, 26-28 Wyndham Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010

3. Indian Grocery Stores

Craving for the rich flavours and aromatic spices that characterize Indian food? A popular Indian grocery store in Auckland is Patel Brothers; this store has outlets at SunnyBrae Road, Carr Road, and Queen Street.


Here, you’ll find affordable spices, fresh vegetables, prepackaged food, and more. Apart from Indian items, Patel Brothers also stocks Sri Lankan ingredients. If you’re hungry, stop by the food truck outside the supermarket, which serves up freshly made Chaats (savoury Indian snacks).

Patel Brothers, 92 Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest, Auckland 0627

Another well-known Indian supermarket in Auckland is Lotus Supermarket at Stoddard Road. This is a one-stop shop that sells Indian spices, vegetables, frozen foods, and even prayer items. There’s a halal meat stall located in the same compound, and the Chapati stall on the corner sells homemade chapatis, samosas, and pani puris.

Lotus Supermarket, 64 Stoddard Rd, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041

4. Korean Grocery Stores

If you’re looking to get Korean ingredients, H Mart is definitely your supermarket of choice.

korean vegetables


This grocery store has a wide variety of Korean products, including ramen, kimchi, Korean chilli powder, and more. H Mart also has an online store where you can check out its newest arrivals and discounted products.

H Mart, 166c Harris Rd, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013

Becoming A True-Blue New Zealander

You might take some time to adjust to life in Auckland but there’s no need to rush.

The availability of Asian grocery stores would allow you to cook local or Asian dishes, without feeling tiresome about having to stick with Western fare.

For those of you thinking of studying and living in New Zealand, IDP is here to assist you and offer our support.

Who knows? This time next year, you could be studying in Auckland, and cooking up a storm for yourself in your own apartment.

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