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Cost of Study in Australia

Australia is known for both its quality of life and education. Compared with most other highly developed countries, the cost of living and tuition in Australia offer excellent value for your money. However, moving to an entirely new country for study is a major move and may require some monetary investment. Here are some of the costs and expenses you will have to account for before you decide to study abroad.


The costs of an education can vary based on many factors, not just the institution and course. Students may prefer choosing a place based on rankings and prestige, but these should not be the only factors taken into account. Keep in mind that any decision should be well within your financial capabilities.  

Living Expenses

One of the biggest decisions you make when you move to Australia is where to stay. You may opt to live in the dorm with other students, in a flat off-campus, or even with relatives or friends who live in the area. IDP offers accommodation assistance for students who need help finding a place to stay <hyperlink.> 

In addition to your accommodations, you will also have to consider your meals, utilities, transportation costs and even leisure time. Your IDP Counsellor can you tell more about the expected cost of living in your chosen study destination.

In Australia, there is an option for part-time work, up to 40 hours every two weeks while studying. Be aware though that this shouldn’t be relied upon as your only source of income.

Insurance and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Be advised that while your student visa is valid, all international students will need to have insurance called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Insurance for personal accidents and property are your responsibility. It’s also recommended that before leaving your country you purchase travel insurance to cover lost baggage, cancellation of plane tickets and repatriation. 

IDP offers OSHC at a discounted rate.

Visa Requirements

Are you aware that obtaining a student visa requires you to prove that living expenses, educational costs and travel are fully covered during the entire duration of your course? There are visa restrictions that prohibit paying all your expenses doing just part-time jobs. Your IDP Counsellor can give you an idea of how much you may need to prepare before you go overseas.


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