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Best Budget-Friendly Accommodation Options for International Students

As you prepare to study abroad, you might be feeling overwhelmed planning for one of the biggest transitions of your life! Suddenly, you find yourself worrying about things like food, lodging, and transportation when you arrive at your study destination.

Lucky for you, IDP has a cost-of-living calculator to help estimate your monthly expenses while living abroad. If you find the estimated cost a bit too expensive, you can save a lot by choosing an affordable accommodation. 

Here is a list of affordable off-campus housing options for international students:

1. Live with your relatives

Living with your relatives may help you save up on some food and rent expenses abroad.

2. Rent with some roommates (or your besties)

Be it your bestie travelling with you or some locals in your study country, you may want to consider looking for a room-mate to help split up your rent (and sometimes even tax) costs.

3. Homestays

Get the most out of your international experience by living with a local family abroad. Homestays allow you to gain tips and insights from locals that may help you save a lot as you travel and explore their country.

4. Student Apartments

If you still want the dormitory vibe but also want a change of scenery, you may want to consider renting in a student apartment. Student apartments make it easier for you to meet and socialize with student of your age while being able to allow you to live outside the campus.

If you're looking to study in Australia, check out IDP's Accommodation Search Tool!

Need assistance with choosing the right accommodation for you? Fill out the form on this page to book an appointment with an IDP Education Counselor and get free advice.


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Written by: Dani Mikaela Cheng

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