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Top cheapest universities in Canada

Looking to study in Canada? Want to know the list of the top cheapest universities in Canada for international students and the best affordable programs there? Read on to discover all!

Why study in Canada?

Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students. Why? For these 5 top reasons!

  • Vibrant & Diverse: Canada’s international student population is growing fast.
  • Co-op Education- it’s not all lectures! Canada’s Co-op programs has students learning outside the lecture halls in real world, full time, multi-term, paid placements.
  • Student entitlements: Work part-time while you study, opt for a Co-op, and work for up to 3 years after graduation.
  • Top ranked universities: Canada has 30 internationally ranked universities (THE World University Rankings 2021).
  • Safety & support: You’ll have dedicated support services in terms of security, academics, health and social services.

Check out more about living in the top Canadian cities: Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

Cheapest universities in Canada for international students

If you’re seeking an internationally-recognised degree from Canada, but with a cheap price, check out these top cheap Canadian universities for international students.

Cheapest univ in canada new - EN_infographic.jpg

The table below shows the list of top cheapest universities in Canada.



Key Programs

Tuition fees per year (CAD)

University of Northern British Columbia British Columbia Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design 15,303
MacEwan University Alberta
  1. BSc Applied Statistics
  2. BSc Computer Science
  3. B.Social Work
University of Manitoba Manitoba
  1. B. Agroecology
  2. B. Interdisciplinary Health
University Canada West British Columbia MBA 17,000
Crandall University New Brunswick Master of Management 17,000
University of Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island
  1. B Analytics
  2. B. Applied Communication, Leadership and Culture
  3. B. Applied Climate Change and Adaptation
Cape Breton University Nova Scotia
  1. B. Arts and Science in Environment
  2. B. Health Sciences (Public Health)
  3. Engineering Technology, Chemistry
University of Regina Saskatchewan
  1. B. Ideation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  2. B. Education
  3. B. Software Systems Development
Mount Allison University New Brunswick
  1. B. Geocomputing
  2. B. Aviation
  3. B. Museum & Curatorial Studies
Acadia University Nova Scotia
  1. B. Business Administration
  2. B. Computer Science
  3. B. Biology
University of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
  1. B. Biomedical Sciences
  2. B. Interactive Systems Design
  3. B. Nursing
University of Winnipeg Manitoba
  1. B. Theatre &Film
  2. B. Statistics
  3. B. Neuroscience
University of Lethbridge Alberta
  1. BSc Remote Sensing
  2. Dual BFA New Media & B. Management
  3. BSc Biochemistry
Dalhousie University Nova Scotia
  1. B. Applied Computer Science
  2. B. Community Design
  3. B. International Food Business

You IDP counsellor can help you choose your dream university and program that best match your career aspirations and apply for it. Interested? Contact us now to kick-start your journey in Canada!

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