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Ireland for Studying Abroad

Ireland has recently become one of the top destinations for study abroad. We have compiled for you what you need to know about Ireland as it is still a member of the European Union, has an education system that is valid all over the world, and why Ireland will be a good choice for study abroad.

Why Ireland?

Ireland is an island country located at the westernmost tip of Europe. It is the largest island in the continent after Britain. It has green countryside, fascinating history, and the people who live on it are known for their friendly, warm-blooded nature.

The country, which has a very high quality of life, ranks 12th among the most peaceful and safe countries in the world. (Source: Global Peace Index2020) It provides a warm and tolerant environment with Ireland's young population and international students from all over the world.

Although the native language of Ireland is Gaelic - Irish, English is used in daily life. For this reason, you do not need to learn or use the Gaelic language in daily life or during your education.

World standards in education

Ireland offers high-quality education at world standards. According to the Legatum Rankings, it ranks 13th in the world education systems. It is among the top ten in the world in terms of education quality for higher education.

Its quality in education is also reflected in student satisfaction and experience. Ireland, which has the youngest population in Europe, is a fun place to study. Its capital, Dublin, in addition to being a capital city, is literally a student city.

Hosting Global Companies

Ireland is home to more than 1000 global companies. In addition to quality education, it offers students unique opportunities during and after education with its connections with global companies and sectors. It is the fifth most attractive country globally for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Students have the right to work 20 hours a week on a part-time basis, without affecting their education life. This work time can go up to 40 hours per week during holidays or breaks. The minimum hourly wage is shown as an average of € 10.20. Part-time jobs are generally in the service sector. However, students can benefit from the Graduate Work Visa, also called a Graduate Work Permit, if they complete their education with graduation. The starting fee for new graduates is shown as an average of € 30,409 annually.

Ireland is the first location you should consider if you want to study higher education, especially in Technology and Finance. With the hosting of world-renowned global companies, you can learn your career on the factory floor and start your career five steps ahead.

How can IDP Turkey help you?

For studying education abroad, it provides support for students' university department selection and application procedures, especially with free consultancy services to English-speaking countries. As an IELTS test centre, it makes it easy to make your IELTS test appointment for the English language proficiency level you need to present, and when you receive your acceptance letter, it provides free support for your visa procedures.

If you want to study in Ireland, IDP Turkey's expert consultants ready to help! You can get consultants to reach you by filling out the form, or you can contact consultants one-on-one with WhatsApp, Online Chat or Virtual Counseling applications!

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What are the upcoming intakes in Ireland?

Irish universities and colleges offer two major intakes. Intakes may also be referred to as a semester in some universities.

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