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Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) for Studying in Ireland

Limerick Institute of Technology, or LIT for short, is one of the universities in Limerick, Ireland, with five campuses. One of Ireland's fastest-growing colleges, LIT offers international students a fun and livable studentship. It would not be wrong to say that the affordable living costs of the city of Limerick are also one of the factors that make this city and LIT attractive for international students.

Chosen as the Institute of Technology of the year twice by The Sunday Times University Guide, LIT does not charge an application fee from students who apply with IDP Turkey! Limerick Institute of Technology, which offers educational opportunities in various higher education fields, employs 96% of its graduates by following the principle of active learning in education and small classes.

Why LIT?

- Studying in Ireland

Ireland is a country in the European Union among English-speaking countries and its currency is Euro, as well as hosting world's giant companies in their countries. Ireland, which is among the safest countries in the world, is considered among the reasons why it is preferred by international students with its relatively short education periods.

- Industrial connections

The dozens of global industries hosted by Ireland also apply to LIT. Aiming to bring skills and talents to the sectors, LIT has agreements with many companies such as Intel, Dell, Johnson&Johnson, UBER. This makes it easier to find employment opportunities after graduation.

- Ireland's third largest and lowest cost of living city

Ireland welcomes international students from different cultures with its friendly people and tolerant society. It offers globally recognized diplomas with affordable tuition fees, as well as affordable accommodation and living costs.

- No application fee!

You do not pay an application fee for your applications to Limerick Institute of Technology with IDP Turkey.

- Low tuition fees

LIT's undergraduate programs start at €10,250 and master's programs from €11,250. When you make your application with IDP Turkey and pay the deposit until May 1, 2021, it provides an automatic discount of 1000 € on the tuition fees.

- Additional scholarship worth 1000€ for academically successful students

It offers additional scholarships for students who apply to LIT and holds outstanding academic qualifications. Thus, students who receive both early application and academic scholarships can make their tuition fees more affordable.

How can IDP Turkey help you?

IDP Turkey helps you find the most suitable departments for your career and education goals in native English-speaking countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and America, allowing you to submit your applications quickly and without any problems. In addition to the opportunities it provides for applications, it supports you in every step of your education abroad, such as student accommodation and health insurance.

If you want to contact IDP Turkey's expert consultants and realize your dreams of studying abroad with Limerick Institute of Technology, you can fill out the form or you can benefit from IDP Turkey's WhatsApp, Online Chat, and Virtual Counseling services.


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