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University of Melbourne

 The University of Melbourne is a public research university founded in Australia. Established in 1853, the university is among the first in the state of Victoria and the second oldest in Australia. Its motto, in Latin “Postera Crescam Laude”, can be translated into English as “Let's grow by future generations”.

While the main campus is located in the Parkville in Melbourne city, there are 7 campuses in total. These campuses are Parkville, Southbank, Burnley, Creswick, Dookie, Weeibee and Shepparton. 

The university got 7th place in QS post-graduate employment rankings. It ranks 32nd in the Times Higher Education World University rankings. In addition, 7 Nobel laureates have lectured at the University of Melbourne. 

Entry requirements for Turkish students

Even though there is no available information on the official website about the number of students came from Turkey, 46% of the students came from a different country according to 2020 Times Higher Education Rankings. 

  • A -levels and IB diploma is required for direct entry to undergraduate programs. Depending on the department to be applied, the required GPA varies, and students who cannot meet these qualifications can apply to undergraduate education after they receive education in the Foundation departments. *

* For Foundation programs, there are success rates and details vary according to the department you want to apply. You can learn these details from IDP Education counselors for free!.

  • Students who want to apply for graduate programs must have a minimum 75% success rate in a 4-year undergraduate program. Depending on the departments, GPA of 3.5 and above (GPA) is required. In some master programs, you may be asked to find a supervisor and submit a research proposal before applying. You can find out which programs are in this scope by contacting your IDP Education counselors.
  • Requirements for PhD, doctorate programs, with good GPAs in undergraduate and graduate programs, you must research your potential supervisor and submit a good research / thesis proposal before applying. You can review our suggestions on how to write the research proposal here.

As an international student, you also need to prove your proficiency in English, which is the university's language. The university that accepts the IELTS varies according to the departments and the level of education you want to take, but does not accept a score less than 6 from Academic IELTS for undergraduate programs and requires a minimum score of 6.5. If you do not have an IELTS score, IDP's expert counselors can help you make an IELTS appointment!

Did you know? 

  • The University of Melbourne, though not officially known, is also known as Melbourne’s Hogwarts because of its architecture.
  • The part known as “Old Quad” at the university was built by workers who strike for working hours.
  • Melbourne would actually be called “Batmania” after John Batman, one of his founding fathers.




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