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Top Universities in the UK 2021

The UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities, as well as quality institutions that possess strength in various academic fields.
For instance, the Russell Group comprises 24 public research-intensive universities that provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with the opportunity to grow, learn and generate impact.
With recent developments granting international students a two-year post-study work visa in the UK, the attractiveness of pursuing a degree in the country has elevated.
Paired with a slew of stunning sightseeing opportunities in different cities, steeped in culture as well as history, the UK reflects why it remains a popular option for international students - apart from its excellent higher education system.
Additionally, globally-recognised rankings like the Complete University Guide (CUG), QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World (THE) University Rankings use intricate methodologies to assess the qualities of universities across the world, including those in the UK.
With that, we’ve compiled the top universities in the UK, with data from the aforementioned ranking providers. 

CUG Top Universities in the UK 2021





University of Cambridge 


University of Oxford 


University of St Andrews 


London School of Economics and Political Science 


Imperial College London 


Loughborough University 


Durham University 


Lancaster University 


University of Bath 


UCL (University College London) 


University of Warwick 


University of Exeter 


University of Birmingham 


University of Bristol 


University of Edinburgh 


University of Leeds 


University of Manchester 


University of Southampton 


University of Glasgow 


King’s College London, University of London 

QS Top Universities in the UK 2021

Rank UniversityGlobal Rank
1 University of Oxford4
2 University of Cambridge7
3 UCL8
4 Imperial College London9
5 The University of Edinburgh20
6 The University of Manchester27
7 King's College London33
8The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)44
9 University of Bristol49
10 The University of Warwick62
11 University of Glasgow67
12 Durham University78
13 The University of Sheffield78
14 University of Birmingham81
15 University of Leeds93
16 University of Nottingham96
17 University of Southampton97
18 University of St Andrews100
19 Queen Mary University of London126
20 Lancaster University 128


THE Top Universities in the UK 2021

RankUniversityGlobal Rank
1 University of Oxford1
2 University of Cambridge3
3 Imperial College London10
4 UCL15
5 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)27
6 University of Edinburgh30
7 King's College London36
8 University of Manchester55
9 University of Warwick77
10 University of Bristol87
11 University of Glasgow99
12 Queen Mary University of London110
13 University of Birmingham112
14 University of Sheffield117
15 University of Shouthampton122
16 University of York128
17 Durham University133
18 Lancaster University139
19 University of Exeter146
20 University of Sussex146

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