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Study in the UK

Latest update: The UK government confirms that international students who graduate during or after the summer of 2021 will be eligible for a two-year post-study work visa (officially known as the Graduate Immigration Route). This applies to those who are already present in the UK or had begun online learning before flying over.

Thousands of international students choose to study in the UK because they know that British qualifications are respected globally. It is also one of the safest countries in the world with a reputation for tolerance and diversity.

UK highlights

UK has become more and more popular destinations to international students and Cambodian students with prestigious diplomas from well-known universities and numerous new policies.

From 2020, international students studying at UK universities, masters and doctoral levels will be allowed to stay and work in the UK for 2 years after graduation and have no career restrictions.

See the reason why UK should be one of study destination in your wish list: 

✔️ Short, cost-effective curriculum

✔️ World class education system along with historical buildings and infrastructure

✔️ Diverse scholarships for all levels of study

✔️ The opportunity to stay in the job search for 2 years after graduation, with no restrictions on the industry and number

✔️ Opportunity to travel around Europe

If you have any more questions or intention to study in the UK, IDP counsellors will be here to help you to fulfil for your dreaming study journey. Talk to us today! 

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Support from IDP

IDP understands the difficulties faced by students and parents when preparing their study applications and many questions need to be answered.

If you are planning to study in the United Kingdom in the near future, contact our consultants will be devoted to answer any questions.

Find out the reasons why IDP would be the best choice for you to prepare your application to study in the United Kingdom:

✔️ Free study abroad information and counselling 

✔️ Introduce suitable scholarship

✔️Advice on choosing a suitable school & course

✔️ Support to apply for admission, track progress and receive confirmation letters from the school

✔️ Advise on accommodation, financial planning, flight bookings, equipment before departure

✔️ Provide pre-departure to students before departing abroad

✔️ The official IELTS Test Centre in Cambodia


Student Essentials

We have a range of special services for students applying to United Kingdom!

Students Essentials

We have a range of special services for students applying to United Kingdom!

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Education System in the UK

With an outstanding international reputation, the UK education system offers an excellent standard, a wide range of English language, pathway, undergraduate (bachelor) and postgraduate courses and fantastic teaching facilities.
Making yourself feel at home in Newcastle shouldn’t take long – the locals here will go out of their way to welcome you with open arms.
London – it’s one of the world’s largest, most happening cities. That can be a little overwhelming, but for the most part, incredibly exciting.
Scotland is probably best known for being a land of men in skirts (kilts), questionable dishes made out of a sheep’s stomach (haggis) and accents that can be pretty hard to work out.
Cardiff is a multicultural, vibrant city, filled with beautiful architecture stretching all the way from Roman, to Norman, to Medieval, to present day.
Glasgow is a vibrant multicultural city with rich history bursting with energy and home to over 20,000 international students.

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