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PhD in the USA


Go further with your PhD in the USA

USA is home to some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities, known for its rigorous structured programs that often surpasses the minimum requirement for a more ‘traditional’ research-focused doctorates in other countries. The breadth of opportunity that 50 states and six time zones offer means the popularity of the USA as a study abroad destination shows no sign of waning, with about 20% of the USA's 4,500 or so universities awarding graduate programs.

Unlike doctoral degrees in most other countries, a PhD in the USA begin with taught classes and assessments before the research component of the program can officially start. The length of a PhD typically runs from 4 to 6 years, and students spend 1 to 4 years on the coursework stage before spending 2 to 4 years working on their dissertation.


Why get your PhD in the USA?

PhD candidates are considered part of the university staff in the U.S., and have the opportunity to joinas a teaching assistant, research assistant, or adjunct instructor. Several departments welcome PhD applications every year depending on funding and space, and are fairly flexible to the topic and field of research. PhD candidates can also usually receive a stipend that covers the minimum basic living costs during the full (expected) duration of their studies.


Admission requirements for PhD in the USA

To pursue PhD in the UK, an undergraduate degree is a minimum requirement, while many require a master’s degree. Students need to submit a research proposal to the department they wish to undertake their study in, along with their academic transcripts and English language proficiency test scores. The proposal should outline what students intend their research to investigate, how it relates to other existing and currently undergoing research in their field and what methods they intend to use to carry out their research. 


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