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Study in the United Kingdom

Home to some of the world’s greatest cities and one of the cultural hubs of Europe, there are plenty of reasons to study in the UK.

The UK, otherwise referred to as the United Kingdom, has a renowned education system, whereby courses are shorter and more intensive than the majority of other countries across the globe. This means students that study in the UK are able to graduate sooner without compromising quality, while also saving you time and money in tuition fees and living costs.

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Why Study in the UK?

Choosing to study a degree from a university in the United Kingdom, means having an internationally respected qualification from a quality education provider.

THE World University Ranking

We can help match you with the right university, pathway provider, or English language school within the ultimate environment for you to succeed. 

CUG University Ranking

Before you study in the UK, get to know the UK education system: how it works, the qualifications framework, fees and scholarships, and more. The UK offers a flexible and diverse range of courses throughout globally-ranked institutions. 

UK Student Visa Requirements

Here’s everything you need to know about UK visas. You must apply for your student visa application online using the British Government’s official website:

Employment Prospects in the UK

While you study, working part-time can be a great way to help with the cost of living in the UK, and to also help you gain work experience in your field of study. To find out more, please speak to our friendly team in Hong Kong today. 

UCAS Application 2022
Want to study in the UK in 2021? Need help to apply to the right courses through UCAS?
The Russell Group
The Russell Group comprises 24 of the UK’s leading higher education institutions offering excellence in teaching and research.
UK Featured Universities
UK Top 30 Universities - UK education has a reputation for excellence and most international students highly rate the quality of teaching they receive.
UK Foundation Programme
There are many pathway programmes into higher education for international students including foundation studies and English language preparation programmes.
UK Masters' Degree
A master's degree offers specialisation in a particular field of study. Master’s courses at UK universities are rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for students across the globe for their excellent course curriculum,
UK Advanced Entry / Top-up Degree
Many UK universities offer one-year Top-up Degree courses for different subjects, meaning you can earn a bachelor's degree in 12 months that saves you time and money, while opening you up to new life experiences.
Money and Living Expenses
Working part-time while studying can be a great way to help with the cost of living may be higher or lower depending on where you live.
Depending on what you need – and your budget - you might choose to rent a flat, live on campus, live in a private hall of residence, or live with a local family.
People and Culture
It’s one of the world’s most recognisable countries and its influence is seen across the globe.
UK Place to Visit
From sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains You don’t have to spend your study breaks at home, there’s plenty of exciting places to visit all around the UK.
Top Cities - Newcastle
Making yourself feel at home in Newcastle shouldn’t take long – the locals here will go out of their way to welcome you with open arms.
Top Cities - Edinburgh
Scotland is probably best known for being a land of men in skirts (kilts), questionable dishes made out of a sheep’s stomach (haggis) and accents that can be pretty hard to work out.
Top Cities - London
London – it’s one of the world’s largest, most happening cities. That can be a little overwhelming, but for the most part, incredibly exciting.
Top Cities - Cardiff
Cardiff is a multicultural, vibrant city, filled with beautiful architecture stretching all the way from Roman, to Norman, to Medieval, to present day.
Top Cities - Glasgow
Glasgow is a vibrant multicultural city with rich history bursting with energy and home to over 20,000 international students.

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