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Getting from A to B quickly and easily

A great benefit of the UK is the fact that it’s a small country, which means it’s easy for you to get around by public transport, private car or plane, even by bike. You will most likely be able to get discounts on transport, but always do your research, as you may need to apply for a special travel card or meet other requirements.

Travelling by train

The Underground (or ‘Tube’) moves you easily around central London as well as the greater London area. If you’re a full-time student, you can get a discount on your train tickets or Oyster card.

The train is usually the most convenient option for visiting other towns and cities around the country, but this can be expensive. You should try to get a discount by booking in advance online.

Catching the bus

There is usually an extensive bus network in towns and cities across the UK, you can use (in most cases) either a travel or Oyster card, or buy a ticket from the driver.

Over long distance journeys, you can travel by coach, but you’ll probably need to buy a ticket in advance. Check with the coach provider to see if they offer a student discount.

Hitting the road

You’ll need a valid license and insurance If you would like to drive in the UK. You’ll also need to follow all the local road rules.

Of course, if you’d rather someone else do the driving, taxis (or ‘black cabs’) can be a good option over shorter distances, or you can also pre-book a mini-cab or private hire cab.

Cycling around town

In addition to being cheap, cycling around town can also help keep you fit – but remember to stay safe and follow the rules of the road. If you don’t own your own bike, you may well be able to rent one from your university, or – if you live in London simply pick up one from any one of the hundreds of docking stations around the city.

UK Place to Visit

You don’t have to spend your study breaks at home, there’s plenty of exciting places to visit all around the UK – and most are easy (and relatively cheap) to get to.

Shops and Restaurants

From supermarkets to speciality stores; farmers’ markets to fine dining. You have plenty of options for where to shop and eat in the UK.

UCAS Application 2023

Want to study in the UK? Need help to apply to the right courses through UCAS?

The Russell Group

The Russell Group comprises 24 of the UK’s leading higher education institutions offering excellence in teaching and research.

UK Featured Universities

UK Top 30 Universities - UK education has a reputation for excellence and most international students highly rate the quality of teaching they receive.

UK Foundation Programme

There are many pathway programmes into higher education for international students including foundation studies and English language preparation programmes.

UK Masters' Degree

A master's degree offers specialisation in a particular field of study. Master’s courses at UK universities are rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for students across the globe for their excellent course curriculum,

UK Advanced Entry / Top-up Degree

Many UK universities offer Advanced Entry and Top-up Degree courses for AD/ HD students to obtain a Bachelor's Degree with ease.

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