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UCAS Application 2023

How to apply for UK Universities? What is UCAS? What are the procedures? 

Want to start your university life in the UK in 2023? Apply with IDP now!

Planning to study in the UK? UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a centralised service that students use to apply to universities and almost everyone who wants to study an undergraduate degree in the UK will have to apply through UCAS.

UCAS application for 2023 is now open, and students will be able to submit their application to UCAS from 6 September 2022. Please note that 15 October 2022 is the deadline for applications for any course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry.Applications for all other UCAS Undergraduate courses should arrive at UCAS by 25 January 2023.

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Applying for UK courses in 2023 with IDP Education throughout the promotional period to enjoy a UCAS fee waiver of up to £27 and join the "IELTS Preparation Webinar" and "Personal Statement Online Workshop" for free#!

Want to know more about UCAS application procedures, required documents, university and course selection, etc.?

Click here to contact IDP counsellors or call 2179 3600 for further enquiries.

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Apply as soon as you can to increase admission chances

The UCAS application system has always been very favourable to international students from outside the UK and EU countries. Normally UCAS accepts applications 2-3 months before the course starts (Deadline: 30 June 2023), while UK and EU students must apply half a year before the course starts (Deadline: 25 January 2023).

In general, if domestics or international students apply before 25 January, they will receive their results during Easter. In other words, popular universities and subjects are often full between April and May. In the past, many Hong Kong students planned to submit their applications after the public exam, yet this might be a waste of effort. Submitting applications earlier also means higher chance of getting admitted.

In addition, if students plan to take courses such as design or art, most colleges and universities require them to submit a portfolio, so the application deadline is generally on 25 January or by the end of March each year.

Your resume and referrer are crucial

To be admitted to a top university in the UK, in addition to excellent academic results, local institutions also attach great importance to the personal statement and reference letter. For example, if you plan to apply for engineering courses in several colleges and universities, you must specify your interest in engineering and how you develop your understanding throughout your life or learning process in the statement.

If you plan to apply for different academic disciplines, you can briefly describe your  characteristics and share your learning experiences. In addition, your referrer can advise the institution on your personal traits when writing the reference letter, which is prepared by class teacher in most cases.

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What is Conditional Offer & Unconditional Offer?

After submitting your UCAS application, if you are admitted by the UK universities, you will receive either a Conditional Offer or an Unconditional Offer. The former means there are a few conditions you have to meet to get your place confirmed, which are usually exam results, while the later means you have already been admitted without further conditions.

How can IDP assist you to choose the most suitable university?

(1) If you have already received a Conditional Offer

Based on previous arrangement, students who have successfully completed the UCAS application before the January deadline will receive their application results during Easter. Regardless of whether you have opened a UCAS account through IDP, we can help to follow up your application for free.

Upon receipt of the Conditional Offer from universities, we will help you analyze your admission chances, guide you through how to accept or reject the offer, and decide your “Firm Choice” or “Insurance Choice”. The counsellor will also help to manage your UCAS account and view the relevant application documents.

After you have received your DSE or public exam results, our counsellors will help you to inform institutions about your results. You can take this opportunity to adjust your enrolment. If your results are better than expected, we can help you to find a better choice; but if your results are not satisfactory, we can also help you adjust your application strategy to ensure that you can enrol in your desired subject.

(2) If you have already received an Unconditional Offer

After receiving the "Unconditional Offer" from the institution, we will help to arrange your student visa, body check and recommend the most suitable flight and accommodation options for you.

We will organize a pre-departure seminar you and your parents in order to help you to familiarize with your study destination.

After you arrived your study destination - you can contact your IDP counsellor if you have encountered any problems in your life.

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2023 UCAS Application Timeline

6 September 2022

Applications can be sent to UCAS

15 October 2022 

Deadline for applications for Oxford, Cambridge or most courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science

25 January 2023

Deadline for UK and EU student applications

Early April 2023

Receive application results (applicable to applications on or before 25 January 2023)
*Applications made after 25 January 2023 will receive application results 4 – 8 weeks after submission

30 June 2023

Deadline for International student applications

May - August 2023

Accept university offer and preparation for departure

Note: UCAS has absolute discretion to any amendments without notice. UCAS offer holders should refer to messages and official announcements from UCAS for most updated information

IDP Education

IDP has 100+ UK Partner Institutions including Universities, English Language Schools and Foundation Providers.

[Download UK University List]

Please contact us for more details about your UCAS application

Tel: 2179 3600

 Terms and Conditions:

  1. This promotion period is valid between 1st December 2022 and 25th January 2023 at IDP Education (Hong Kong). Student who submit applications in UCAS Undergraduate Apply for 2023 entry through IDP Education (Except student who submit UCAS application before or after this promotion period) can enjoy up to £27 UCAS application fee waiver and free spots to "IELTS Preparation Webinar" and "Personal Statement Online Workshop".

  2. This promotion is only applied to International student who apply UK universities and pay with international tuition fee. 

  3. Student must inform IDP counsellor to reserve the offer and submit relevant application document within the promotional period. Students have a maximum of five choices when apply UK Universities under UCAS and three choices must be pick from IDP UK Clients and student should authorise IDP Education to follow up their application.

  4. This promotion is on first-come-first served basis while stock last.

  5. This promotion is non-transferable and has no cash value.

  6. IDP Education reserves the rights of final decision in case of any dispute.

THE World University Ranking

We can help match you with the right university, pathway provider or English language school in the right environment for you to succeed.

The Russell Group

The Russell Group comprises 24 of the UK’s leading higher education institutions offering excellence in teaching and research.

UK Featured Universities

UK Top 30 Universities - UK education has a reputation for excellence and most international students highly rate the quality of teaching they receive.

UK Foundation Programme

There are many pathway programmes into higher education for international students including foundation studies and English language preparation programmes.

UK Advanced Entry / Top-up Degree

Many UK universities offer Advanced Entry and Top-up Degree courses for AD/ HD students to obtain a Bachelor's Degree with ease.

UK Masters' Degree

A master's degree offers specialisation in a particular field of study. Master’s courses at UK universities are rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for students across the globe for their excellent course curriculum,

Why Study in the UK?

Wherever in the world you choose to pursue your career, a degree from a university in the United Kingdom is internationally respected and considered a quality education.

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